Anna Bedalov is a student reaching her final months here at Valpo. 

In May, she will have officially graduated with a double major in creative writing and humanities--provided through Christ College. Additionally, she will have a minor in journalism. 

Bedalov started to enjoy writing when she was in elementary school and the love she has for it gradually grew throughout middle school. The schools had required her and her classmates to attend writing workshops and that’s what she did. 

“I started writing in classes in elementary school when they encouraged us with writing workshops or reading workshops, as my school described it” stated Bedalov. 

Throughout her years of learning how to write, she came to understand that writing for her is a form of her expressing her feelings. 

“It felt like a natural form of expression for me. It felt like an easy way to convey what I was feeling,” Bedalov said. I’m not necessarily artistically inclined I would say, that’s not my forte. So this is an easy way for me to express emotions or contribute in some way to cultural conversations also.” 

Her passion for writing faded a little when she got to high school. However, when she got to Valpo, she picked up creative writing again. If it wasn’t for the Intro to Creative Writing class she very possibly would have not found her love for creative writing. 

She also picked up a love for poetry after taking that creative writing class. 

“Everybody learns in elementary school what a limerick is and what acrostic poems are. I never really wrote poetry seriously until college,” Bedalov said. 

After getting back into the groove of writing again, she had discovered Valpo’s literary magazine, “The Lighter.” She has made submissions to the magazine for four years now. Most of the pieces she submits are poetry that is inspired by different travels she has done. She also writes reflections of the world at large. Bedalov is grateful to have had a decent amount of her pieces be selected to be used in different issues of “The Lighter.”

While going on her journey of learning about poetry and creative writing, she was able to understand, on a deeper level, how writing affects her life. Even other people’s lives. 

“I think writing can take a lot of different roles in my life. It can work as a tool for processing events. It can work as a way of getting into my own mind, a little bit deeper. Like thinking about my own thoughts and how I’m feeling about certain things. It can also work as a bridge between people, I would say,” Bedalov stated. 

Bedalov has advice for anyone who is currently a creative writing or journalism major, beginning those majors, or for anyone who is learning how to write. 

“I would say to try pushing yourself to try new forms of writing that you are not used to because three years ago I would have never thought of myself as a poet. Trust your classmates, your professors, or even just the process for a little while,” Bedalov said.

You can check out more of Bedalov’s work in issues of “The Lighter.”

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