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The much-awaited second chapter of the romantic comedy trilogy, “To All The Boys I Loved Before: P.S I Still Love You” was released on Feb. 12th on Netflix. It serves as a reminder to viewers that amid the chaos in the world, fairy-tales still can come true. 

In Netflix’s adaptation of Jenny Han’s first novel “To All The Boys I Loved Before”, viewers watched as 16-year-old, hopeless romantic Lara Jean, played by Lana Condor writes a letter to every boy she’s ever loved. 

The letters were meant for her eyes only, as a way to process her emotions for each guy that left a lasting imprint on her heart. Until she comes home one day to find her letters gone, each one finding their way into the hands of the boy they’re about. Imagine sending a text with all of your deepest feelings to the very person it’s about and you’ll understand Lara Jean’s panic and mortification. 

In “To All The Boys I Loved Before: P.S I Still Love You,” Lara Jean, once the girl whose idea of love came from romantic novels and chick flicks, finds herself in a beginning relationship with Peter Kavinsky (one of the recipients of her love letters), played by Noah Centineo. 

Everything seems to be smooth sailing until John Ambrose McLaren, played by Jordan Fisher, enters the picture; he is another recipient of Lara Jean’s love letters. Before she knows it, Lara Jean finds herself in a love triangle with two far from similar guys. It will cause viewers to pick a side, team Peter or team John. 

Having watched “To All The Boys I Loved Before” about a gazillion times, the announcement that “To All The Boys I Loved Before: P.S I Still Love You” was in the works was met with much excitement and anticipation on my end. I was in need of some more time with Lara Jean and Peter. 

Being a fan and active reader of Jenny Han, I was eager to see the adaptation of the second novel. I think what makes Lara Jean such a favorable character is how viewers can find a bit of themselves in her. I watched this movie three times since it came out so if that doesn’t serve as a testament to how incredible it is I don’t know what does. 

Lara Jean reminds viewers that we all deserve a Peter Kavinsky in our lives. This movie will cause viewers to search for the kind of love Lara Jean has with Peter. The kind of love that will make you want to dance around your room, almost like your 16 again. 

It’s already been confirmed that production is underway for the third and final chapter of Lara Jean’s story, “Always and Forever, Lara Jean.” Peter and Lara Jean will be taking on their senior year of high school, learning how to balance a relationship with post-high school plans. The movie will be based on college. There has been no announcement about the release date of the third movie but viewers should expect for it to arrive later in 2020. 

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