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The two-night live “Bachelor” finale took place on Mar. 9 and 10. At the “Women Tell All” episode the week before, host Chris Harrison warned during that no one knew how Peter’s journey would end--including Peter himself. He also described the season as “one of the most controversial and shocking endings to a season that we have ever had on this show.” 

Typically, I take Chris Harrison’s warning with a grain of salt but boy, was he right about this one. Viewers were promised to expect turbulence for this season and it definitely ended with a bumpy landing. 

In the first part of the live finale, the audience is shown already recorded footage of Peter’s continued journey for love in the Australian Outback. We see that Peter’s family has joined him and they are preparing to meet the remaining two women--Madison (who they met earlier in the season during the parents’ vow renewal) and Hannah Ann. Peter catches them up on the fantasy suite fiasco that occurred with Madison and how their date fell apart after he revealed to her that he had been intimate with other girls. 

Hannah Ann was the first one to see Peter’s family. As far as first impressions go, she knocked it out of the park. At one point Barbara, Peter’s mom, turns to her husband and says “I see you and me in them.” She also told Hannah Ann that she felt like she’s known her all her life. 

When it’s Madison’s turn to get reacquainted with Peter’s family, she went into it still disappointed with Peter for how he handled the fantasy suites. After Peter’s family expresses their concerns about the twos’ differing lifestyles and levels of faith, it starts to hit Madison how she and Peter may not be as compatible as she once thought. 

After she leaves, we’re finally given an answer to who Barb is crying about from the teased finale promo--Hannah Ann. The episode ends with Madison sending herself home, leaving a heartbroken and conflicted Peter behind.      

In the second part of the live finale, they’re back in Australia and the viewers see Peter dealing with the aftermath of Madison leaving and his feelings for her. Amidst this, he decides that he’s ready to pursue a forever with Hannah Ann. She has no idea that Madison left and this information becomes evident to her while Peter is proposing. Hannah Ann accepts Peter’s proposal and we see how excited the newly engaged couple is. This doesn’t last long.

Peter joins Chris on stage during the live finale and it’s revealed that he never was completely over Madison. We then are shown footage of Hannah Ann visiting Peter in Los Angeles and it’s clear things are tense between the two of them. Peter tells her that he wants to give her his heart but can’t. Their engagement is then broken off. Chris flies out to Alabama to meet Madison and find out if she still has feelings for Peter. After Chris tells her about how Peter broke off his engagement with Hannah Ann because of his feelings for her, she heads out to Los Angeles to see him. 

Madison joins Peter on stage, all while being given the stink eye by Barb. During this point in the finale, instead of it being about Peter himself, Barb makes herself the center of attention. She voices her disapproval of Madi and his relationship. Even going as far as saying Peter is going to have to fail in order to succeed. When Chris inquires if they want to give the relationship a shot, Peter responds by saying that they’re taking things one step at a time. 

When it was announced that Peter was going to be the bachelor, I was excited. If anyone deserved to find love, it was him and that was made evident while he was on Hannah Brown’s season of the Bachelorette. 

Even though there were times it felt like he encouraged the drama, he made an incredible bachelor. I hoped he would find love and I felt confident that he would. I was rooting for him the entire time. Toward the end, I was disappointed that he broke off the engagement with Hannah Ann, I felt like they would have been good together. However, kudos to Peter for choosing to follow his heart, even though I believe he could have handled things better. 

Two days after this episode premiered, Madi and Peter announced via Instagram that their mutual decision to not pursue a relationship any further and as of now, they both appear to be single.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch.

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