‘Miss Americana’ gives an intimate look into Swift’s life

Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary “Miss Americana” was released on Jan. 31. Swift recalls her story to fame in a chronological manner, providing emotional and personal background on experiences that people may not know about. 

“Miss Americana” will leave viewers wondering and discussing how much more there is yet to be known about Swift and who she really is.

Swift has revamped herself multiple times. However, “Miss Americana” portrays her in the realest, most intimate way ever. The documentary opens with Swift playing piano, while her kitten playfully walks along the keys. The scene flashes to her sitting cross-legged, reading from her diary. 

She discussed how all of her life she has lived for attaining approval and praise from others and that this has led to her becoming the person everyone wanted her to be. 

Swift talked about the ongoing battle to beat everything she has done prior because if she didn’t it would be defined as an enormous failure. This may explain the many transformations we have seen Swift undergo and the contrast between each of her albums. 

One thing has stayed constant throughout her years as a mega pop star and that is her love of storytelling. In the documentary Swift says, “Everyone in music has their own niche that sets them apart from everyone else. I know that my storytelling is what it is for me.”

“Miss Americana” places Swift in the period of time after her release of “Reputation” in 2017 and before her release of “Lover” in 2019. The documentary reveals the heartbreaking reaction of Swift after learning her album “Reputation” didn’t receive any Grammy nominations. 

Viewers also become witnesses to Swift’s newfound motivation to become involved in politics, voicing her opposition against conservatives like Donald Trump and anti-feminist Tennessee senator Marsha Blackburn. 

Swift informs us about the eating disorder she developed after desperately trying to fit into society's ideals for what women should look like. Swift addresses other topics including the “slut-shaming” she's received for her many public relationships and the accusations of her not portraying herself as authentic. 

One of the most powerful scenes in the documentary was hearing about Swift’s experience with sexual assault and how her story was almost silenced in court. 

Being a huge fan of Taylor Swift myself, I excitedly awaited the arrival of “Miss Americana” on Netflix. Something I’ve always admired about Swift is her desire to keep her personal life private. She continuously portrays herself in an eloquent and mature way despite the accusations and rumors that have been spread about her. I didn’t expect anything to be revealed about her in the documentary that I didn’t already know. 

I thought I had a clear depiction of what made Swift who she is. However, “Miss Americana” proved what a mystery she is underneath it all. This documentary reminds viewers of how human Swift is. She takes on this level of self-awareness that will make fans fall even more in love with her.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.



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