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Rock band American Authors released their new album “Seasons” on Feb. 1, even though a lot of the songs were leaked prior to the release date. The whole album is a mix of different sounds and music styles. It fluctuates between pop, rock and gospel genres.

Lead singer Zac Barnett said in an interview that the “songs show maturity” and that “people want to hear something real.” I definitely agree that the song on this album display a new sense of maturity for the band.

One of the songs that came out in December before the album is “Say Amen,” which is arguably the most popular on the album. ”Say Amen” features singer Billy Raffoul and has a high grossing music video displayed on Youtube, tacking up almost 10 million views. It contains subtle soft rock undertones, as well as a slow verse with no instrumentals where he sings “Since I've seen your light / Since I've held you, my friend / I don't feel alright.” This verse leads into the chorus where he sings “Amen / Amen” over and over.  

Another popular song is the first song on the album, “Stay Around.”  This is an upbeat song containing pop undertones, creating a feel-good vibe. This song also has a music video. The video is creatively artistic and properly fits the tone of the song.

They slow things down with the songs “Real Place,” “Bring it Home,” “Neighborhood” and “Deep Water.” “Neighborhood” features Bear Rinehart of the rock band Needtobreathe and is an emotional song about leaving behind your “old self.”

In “Deep Water,” lead singer Zac Barnett sings emotional lyrics such as, “When it pulls me under / will you make me stronger? / Will you be my breath through the deep, deep deep water?”

The band also plays with gospel influences in the song “Before I Go,” by using harmonies and background singers, specifically when he sings, “I hope I find / a peace of mind / in all of my woes / I hope the rain / It brings a light / to my broken soul.”  

A notable song that I personally think is the best on the album is “Bring it On Home.” This song is very upbeat and catchy, although the chorus is repetitive with the phrase “Bring it on home.” Another interesting song they added to the album is “Can’t Stop Me Now,” which is an homage to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” This is a really interesting and respective aspect of the album and helps display Queen as one of the artists American Authors looks up to.

Overall, I think “Seasons” is a step in the right direction and displayed different aspects and musical abilities of American Authors that fans have not experienced before. I don’t see any negative characteristic of this album, besides the possibility of some people not realizing “Can’t Stop Me Now” is a tribute to Queen’s hit song. Aside from that, “Seasons” was a highly anticipated album and for good reason.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.

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