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Eminem has been considered a “Rap God” for years and has won multiple awards throughout his career. He released a new album this past week called “Music to be Murdered By.” The cover of the album shows a red curtain and him standing behind it with a shovel, playing off the title of the album. 

My first thought about this album was it was going to be a hit or miss. After listening to it, my initial thought was exactly right. All the songs on this album are either good or bad and it ranges half and half. Most of the songs also include another featured artist. 

One of the most memorable songs on this album is “Godzilla.” This song is memorable for many reasons, such as it is his first collaboration with famous rapper Juice WRLD. At the end of the song, Eminem raps 224 words at seven words a second, which is even faster than his popular fast rapping in his hit song “Rap God.” This song is all about the rappers comparing themselves monsters. During the chorus, they sing “I’m normal during the day / but at night / I turn into a monster.”

 Another mentionable song is “One of Those Kind of Nights” featuring Ed Sheeran. This song reminds me of his old music off “The Marshall Mathers LP” era. It ties his original roots of comical jokes in between his songs. He raps  “I said, "Oh my God, you know my songs? / That's totally awesome / I'm Marshall, what's goin' on?” 

 “In Too Deep” is a heartfelt song about a toxic relationship and the events that led up to it. “You're laying there with him / thinking 'bout me / he's asleep / you say / ‘Let's meet around three.’" The events in this song paint a story which, in my opinion, is what every good song does.

 The song “Stepdad” also paints a story about an abusive relationship between a parent and a stepdad and Eminem witnessing it all from a young age. I like this because it gives the audience a look into his childhood. This can connect fans to him more and make his lyrics more relatable.

 I'm not a big fan of the songs “Yah Yah” and “Leaving Heaven.” “Yah Yah” honestly annoys me because of the autotuned chorus. “Leaving Heaven” is a slower song that reflects on his own success, however, it just does not have a good beat. 

“Never Love Again” is one of my favorite songs on the album because it displays his relationship with drugs. I like the beat to this song and how it’s an honest description of something the artist has struggled with in the past.

Overall, I think the album was slightly below average compared to his old content but is a big step up from his last album “Kamikazee.” I also noticed a lot of these songs contained his old phrases or verses that he used in his other songs which gives the illusion of laziness to come up with new ideas. I think Eminem is still a valued artist and is still in the rap game. I’m looking forward to seeing what he releases next. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch. 

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