‘Without Remorse’ inconsistent, falls short of expectations

“Without Remorse” was released on April 30 on Amazon Prime. The film was based on the novel written by Tom Clancy. The genres it would fall under are action, thriller, drama, mystery and many others. The film included a lot of explicit language and bloodshed, making the film rated R. 

This film is about revenge for a murder that effected the life of a Navy SEAL’s pregnant wife. The husband goes to avenge his wife, but ends up creating a war between the United States and Russia.  

Michael B. Jordan played John Kelly, the husband trying to avenge his wife’s murder. The wife was played by Lauren London, and Karen Greer was played by Jodie Turner-Smith, who played a highly important role in the film. Her role consisted of making sure Jordan could get the information needed to go after the Russian who murdered his wife. 

All of the actors portrayed their roles very well. They were able to adequately convey their emotions in each scene they were in and make the audience believe the storyline. When intense scenes came along, the cast was able to make them believable and keep you on the edge of your seat.  

I will say, there were a few points where I thought the cast could have given just a little more emotion. For example, Jordan could have expressed deeper grief when his wife and unborn child were murdered. Also, Turner-Smith could have been more demanding when Jordan ended up in the hospital. 

The trailer I watched made the movie seem highly enjoyable and full of enticing action. Sadly, the movie did not meet the expectations I was hoping for. There were too many scenes that consisted of violence and action. There needed to be more lines to explain why the characters were going to fight. 

The effects, sound, and light did a great job with creating the different settings the film presented. But I would want to change the amount of lighting used in the film to having more light in its scenes. I feel like they could have made more scenes during the day time, just to give the film a little bit of brightness. There were scenes, like the hospital scene, that could have been bright in contrast the saddening news he receives. Also, I would change the volume of background music a tad bit so then I could hear the dialogue better. 

A few of the scenes in the film were shown within the trailer. A scene I can recall was when Jordan torched a car to try and get answers from another character. After fully watching the scene, I don’t think it made sense to have the scene go from something so intense to police arresting Jordan. The scene didn’t make sense to me because I thought Jordan was supposed to get information about the Russian that killed his wife. 

Additionally, the storyline of the film seemed to jump all over the place. So much so that I would have to watch it all over again to understand what was going on. I believe a movie is supposed to be easy to understand. I know for me, I’m not trying to think throughout the film. I had to sit and think about what was going on and try to piece together loose pieces, which made this film unenjoyable. 

I caught myself a few times asking myself, “Wan’t Jordan just in his house? Why is he in a hotel room?” I tried putting together the pieces, but I would need to rewatch it in order to do so. 

Overall, this film was not the most enjoyable to watch. The trailer was able to really advertise the most action filled scenes, which led me to believe that it was going to be a fantastic film. 

I would rate this a 5/10 due to the inconsistency of the storyline, some of the acting, and some of the backstage work. If you enjoy trying to piece together a storyline and high amounts of violence, then this may be a good film for you to view. If not, then I would recommend not watching. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch.  


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