Artist Spotlight: Emily Gaus

Freshman Emily Gaus is a psychology major with criminology minor who also happens to run an Etsy shop and has a love of experimenting with different artistic media.

“I used to really like drawing, and I used to really want to be an art teacher,” Gaus said. She’s been creating art for as long as she can remember, and eventually began to move past drawing to paint - and more. 

“Last year I started cross-stitching and embroidering, just for fun, maybe a little out of boredom,” Gaus said. “It gives me a lot of room for self-expression in ways that painting can’t.”

Although she’s been cross-stitching for about a year now, she finds that it’s her preferred medium of creation. She still paints, often for her friends, but embroidering is for her. She practices using kits, and experiments on different materials. Gaus has embroidered her backpack and is currently working on a shirt.

“It’s definitely worth it in the end when you get to show people a different medium of art that isn’t just a drawing or painting,” Gaus said.

Gaus’ favorite piece she’s ever created is one of the clouds, which she commented is an experiment of the intricate colors that can be found in nature.

“I’m very inspired by nature and the natural elements that we don’t necessarily describe as beautiful or we don’t take the time to look at as often,” Gaus said. 

Aside from creating for herself and her friends, Gaus also makes art for her side business with the goal of making money off of her Etsy shop. She also finds Etsy useful for finding like-minded artists with similar interests.

“I find a lot of inspiration from other Etsy accounts in what inspires other people so I can sell some stuff, but other than that, I’m trying to find my people.” 

In the future, Gaus plans on combining her passion for art and creation with her psychology major to better help people through artistic expression.

“I think that art is very great for self-expression, obviously, and I hope to intertwine that with my psychology major,” Gaus said. “I do want to go into counseling, I think it would be great to have that as an outlet for people as well because I know that there are some barriers within words that art can kind of takedown.”

When asked what advice she had to give to other artists, Gaus urged individuals to find what drives them to create and to use that to express themselves.

“Find what inspires you, find those things, find those TV shows - whatever it takes, and just do it. Even if it doesn’t sell, even if you don’t show it to anyone else, just do it for yourself, because you’ll find something within you that you never thought you could.”

Those interested in Gaus’ art can find it for sale on her Etsy, EmilysartEpiphanies. More of her art can be found on her main Instagram, @emilyygaus, or on her new art Instagram @artepiphanies.

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