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Ruling the indie-pop genre at the moment, Beach Bunny fittingly released their debut album on Feb. 14. The Chicago-based band is known for their emotional, love-sick “sad-girl” pop music and their hit break-out song “Prom Queen.” 

They’ve released a handful of EPs, all of which I’ve listened to on repeat, but their debut album really shows how well they’ve found their feet since they started. “Honeymoon” is the perfect look into not only what their current sound but where they’re going after this.

Four of the nine tracks had been previously released as singles or on EPs, but the new tracks really shine among the familiar tracks. I also adore the “Honeymoon” cover art--Beach Bunny’s EPs, singles, and album all share the same style of pastel illustrations that completely ties their style together. 

“Rearview,” in particular, is such an amazing song--probably my favorite of the album. It strays from Beach Bunny’s usual pop-heavy sound to give a raw look into a finished relationship, insecurity, and a self-conscious narrator who asks, “Was I ever good enough for you?” and remarks “I can never get to you / You always seem closer in the rearview.” This song reminded me of “Goodbye Summer :(“ off of the “Prom Queen” EP with it’s softer sound, which is one of my favorite tracks from them. 

Lili Trifilio, who provides vocals and plays guitar, has a great, genuine voice whose lyrics really carry the songs on this album from good to great. One of my favorite tracks of the new songs is “April”--Trifilio does an excellent job with the composition of sound and lyrics in this song. It’s softer pop sound fits excellently with the lyrics as the narrator works through regret and memories of a past relationship. 

“Cuffing Season” is exactly what I expect from Beach Bunny--heavy guitar and drums with a catchy chorus, fun to sing along with and unexpectedly sad lyrics hidden under it all. While four of the songs have already been released as singles and already have found popularity with Beach Bunny’s listeners, I can definitely see this track finding its own bit of fame. 

“Racetrack” was the track I was most surprised to hear--it’s piano backing and lack of busy pop surprised me. It’s the most different song on the album due to this, but manages to find a place in between the two high pop tracks “Colorblind” and “Dream Boy.” This song almost feels like a breather, to help the listener work through the songs as the narrator works through their thoughts. Although I still enjoy “Rearview” as a slower song, this one manages to capture the narrator’s sadness in a snapshot. 

Out of the previously released singles, “Promises” and “Dream Boy” really shine, in my opinion. “Cloud 9” is also fun from the very beginning--a great example of a song that rocks from the first beat to the last. 

Although it is starting to slightly grow on me, the one track I’m not completely into is the sixth track, “Colorblind.” While it does have a few good lines, it’s chorus mostly fails in drawing me and is kind of on the forgettable side. I do enjoy the bridge later in the song, mostly due to Trifilio’s vocals, but for the most part, I can see myself skipping this song in the future. 

Ultimately, “Honeymoon” exceeded my expectations for Beach Bunny’s debut album and is the perfect listen for those who want to expand their music a bit. If you enjoy pop music and excellent lyrics, this album is definitely one for you. 

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