Review: "Thor: Ragnarok" fails attempt to break the Marvel mold

“Thor: Ragnarok” is probably one of the better Marvel movies out there, with a plot that wasn’t created with a cookie cutter and a greater depth to character development and plot line than what has been seen in the past.

The movie follows what happens when Odin dies and Hella, Thor’s and Loki’s sister, comes to take the throne. From here, Thor not only has to figure out how to take back the throne and restore peace to Asgard, but he first has to find his way back to Asgard, as he and Loki get lost along the way.

What this movie did a really great job with is having multiple subplots and goals interwoven throughout the movie without making it seem overbearing, chaotic and unorganized. There were basically two different main stories in this movie: the navigation and escape from Sakaar and then the battle against Hella. But in there as well was the story of the Hulk and what he’s been up to, where Loki’s character is heading and the set up for (I believe) “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Another great thing this film does is tie in Norse mythology. Everything from Odin choosing to die in Norway to the Valkyrie being an elite group of warriors was very rich in the origins of this particular storyline. There were variations to them of course, but the fact that they were recognizable yet distinct was really nice to see executed well.

Despite all of these amazing things, I still found myself cringing at certain moments because it just wasn’t done well overall, and I think it really could have been. For example, there was a lot of humor. For any other movie, the jokes they used and the timing of them would have been spot on. But first and foremost, this is an action and adventure movie. This isn’t to say there can’t be any humor, but I think Marvel has reached the point where they’re adding so much humor they’re taking away from the story.

Some of the soundtrack choices I thought were also slightly off. The biggest one that comes to mind is during the grand fight scene at the end of the movie on the Bifrost Bridge. There was such intense and dramatic orchestral music--which sounded great--that starkly jumped to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” The middle of the song sounded great against the battle sequence, but that first part in the beginning threw me back out of the movie and was so startling that it distracted me instead of enhancing what was happening in the story. Maybe if they had created a smoother transition it would have been better, but it just didn’t seem to make sense the way it is in the film.

Compared to the other “Thor” films, this is probably tied with the second one as my favorite. There were some really fantastic things that were done that were different from other Marvel and superhero movies. But unfortunately, there were a lot of things that took away from this and have become stereotypical for a Marvel movie.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.

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