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American rapper Mac Miller died in 2018 at age 26 due to a drug overdose. However, his new debut album “Circles” came out Jan. 17. The album captures features some of his old sound while bringing in new styles .

The most memorable song on the album is “Good News.” “Good News” is a memorable song because Miller is going into a deep state of depression but eventually comes to the conclusion in the song that it “ain’t that bad.” This song has relatable lyrics that people also struggling with depression can relate to Miller sings “Good news, good news, good news / That's all they wanna hear / No, they don't like it when I'm down.” 

The song “Complicated” talks about daily complications and focuses on how Miller feels low at his young age. “Inside my head is getting pretty cluttered / I try / but I can’t clean up this mess I made.” Miller sings to express how low he is feeling. I like this song due to its melody and beat. The lyrics are relatable and helps Miller to connect to fans who feel the same way. 

“Blue World” is exactly what the title displays. It is about how the world is sad and pointless. In Miller’s chorus he sings “Well, this mad world made me crazy / Might just turn around, do one-eighty. 

Another mentionable song on the album is “Everybody.” This song was inspired by Arthur Lees’s song “Everybodys Gotta Live.” The song has a different bluesy beat to it with piano, drum and bass instrumentals. Miller eerily sings “Everybodys gotta live / and everybody’s gonna die.”

The only song with a featured artist on the album is “Hand Me Down” which features Baro. The song is about Miller’s depressing thoughts and Baro sings the chorus about someone keeping Miller sane. In the pre-chorus, Miller heartbreakingly sings “Ever since I can remember I've been keeping it together/ but I'm feeling strange.”

“Hands” is the only song on the album that is straight rapping. This song is about negative thoughts Miller has been having and overall has a negative connotation. Miller raps, “Yeah, why don't you wake up from your bad dreams? / When's the last time you took a little time for yourself?”

My favorite song on the album is “Surf.” Miller sings this like he is singing to someone. The whole song is more of a conversation, with Miller opening up to this person he is singing to. All the lyrics in this song are memorable and Miller does an amazing job of fixing a touching beat to this song. 

Throughout the album, you can see a common pattern of Miller's mental state deteriorating which makes the album hit harder posthumously. 

Overall this album is a solid hit. All 12 songs on the album are catchy and have a deeper meaning. Miller was a talented artist yet his music will continue to make an impact on his friends, family, and fans. 

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