During the last few weeks of summer, Netflix released a highly anticipated second season of “The Umbrella Academy,” and it did not disappoint. 

Admittedly, I didn’t start the series until after the second season was released, meaning that I didn’t have to wait over a year for the newest season. 

The newest season had a lot going on, but would it be “The Umbrella Academy” if it didn’t? 

To me, “The Umbrella Academy” has a lot of the same ambition as another popular show, “Riverdale”. The big difference between the two is that “The Umbrella Academy” executes said ambition, and does it well. 

By this I mean that the season had many different plot lines, side quests, and new characters. Yet, the main plot line remained clear and each character and side plot had a purpose that strengthened the main plot. 

The only plot in season two I didn’t quite get was the Vanya and Harlan connection, however I feel it will become much clearer in season three. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harlan is somehow connected to Reginald Hargreeves’ ‘Sparrow Academy’. 

Season two developed many of the characters much further than season one, even blatantly calling out the flaws of each sibling which only furthered their character development. That being said, with so many new characters being introduced in this season I feel as if a few of the main characters got pushed to the backburners, Diego ‘number two’ being one of them. 

Diego’s obsession with saving President John F Kennedy got tiring very fast and did not make much sense for Diego’s story. While it does play into his character’s hero complex, I think the obsession went a little too far. 

Those minor flaws aside, the second season of “The Umbrella Academy” did not disappoint. It was an action packed season, with many twists and some pretty good humor. 

This season also allowed the viewers to see the siblings in action more. In season one, we mostly only saw them use their powers in flashbacks or in the last few episodes. This season, powers were used in almost every episode, some powers -- such as Klaus’ -- being more advanced. 

The second season did continue a few of the great things from season one: incredible acting, relatable sibling interactions and the unpredictability of what will happen next. 

While the entire cast does an amazing job with this show, I have to give props to the youngest main cast member, Aidan Gallagher, who plays Number Five. He plays Five so well that it’s hard to remember he’s not actually a 50-year-old in a teenager’s body.  

The Umbrella Academy is one of those shows that when you watch it, you know some weird, crazy things are going to happen. Somehow, though, they manage to pull it all together into a super interesting, great binge-worthy show.  

Season two made me feel many emotions, most of the time within a five minute span. In only ten episodes this season managed to introduce and wrap up many problems for the characters. Not only did it achieve that, but it also successfully opened up new plots to be explored in season three-- a season I am already excited for.  

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch.


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