Netflix Original puts classic spin on horror

“Things Heard and Seen” has made its way up Netflix’s top ten chart, making it number three on the list. This film, released on April 30, was influenced by the book “All Things Cease to Appear” by Elizabeth Brundage. The genres it falls under are horror, drama, thriller and mystery. 

The film starts off with an uneasy scene, a husband and his daughter running through a field after seeing blood dripping through the ceiling. It depicts how haunting the house the family moved into really is; throughout the family’s journey, deep dark secrets are revealed about the house and also the husband.

Overall, it was a fantastic film to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who has a taste for any of the four genres listed. Especially if you are someone who likes drama, this film spills so many dramatic secrets that it will make your jaw drop. My guilty pleasure was definitely fulfilled from watching this. 

What I really loved was the historical background presented throughout the film. It took place in New York during the 1980s. I believe there is always something new to learn from another time period. From this film, I became more knowledgeable about historical art.

There were a few familiar faces featured in the film, including actress Amanda Seyfried who played Catherine Claire and Natalia Dyer who played Willis. Catherine Claire, the wife in the film, is also a character who felt protected by a paranormal spirit. Seyfried's character was highly important to the plot of the story. She put together multiple heart stopping scenes after finding out secrets kept from her for many years. 

Dyer and her character were needed within the film to be the “mistress” to George Claire, Catherine Claire’s husband. With Dyer being the mistress, the sense of hate was introduced towards the character George, who abused his wife throughout the film. James Norton played the character George and he did a fantastic job of making himself the character of hate. 

Additionally, the rest of the cast in the film played their roles very well, including Rhea Seehorn who played Justine. The character Justine had a close friendship with Catherine, she was also the first one to start finding out the deep secrets George was hiding. Her acting really showed during scenes where both Justin and George were involved. They were able to create such an intense and suspenseful feeling together. Especially during a scene where George caused Justine to get into a car crash to cover up a secret of his. 

Each of these characters played their role so well to the point of making me believe that this is how they would live in the time period that the film was based in. The characters have also been able to pull off that type of acting within the films and shows they were previously in. 

The effects used created a sense of uneasiness for me, but kept me drawn in. The set up reminded me of the newer movie version of “Poltergeist” created in 2015, but was carried out in a more classic way. When I say the word classic I mean that there were not too many bloody scenes and all the characters seemed more put together than what you would see in a horror film nowadays. When a paranormal spirit came into frame, there wasn’t much killing, rather, a sense of comfort and well being. 

The crew should be praised for what they produced because it was put together so well. It definitely shows how the movie industry was able to improve from the time period the film was set in.

The sound track of this movie made it feel like a horror film. One example is the creepy piano playing by itself. Additionally the lightning used put a spooky effect in the film such as when the lights dimmed in and out when a spirit came into picture. 

I would add this movie to the watch list immediately. The mystery and past historical information of the film makes it so much more interesting to watch. In my book, I would rate it a 9.5 out of 10. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch.  


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