The South Korean girl group Blackpink released their comeback album on April 4. The album, “Kill This Love,” was the first new music to be released by them since June 2018 and is their debut with a new record label -- Interscope Records.

Fans of Blackpink have long awaited more music since they do not have a wide range of songs so far in their career. But since the teaser trailer for this album, the fans went wild with anticipation.

When “Kill This Love” was finally released, it included five tracks.

The title track, “Kill This Love,” turned out to be a hard-hitting song reminiscent of a marching anthem. While the group has released a similar type of powerful ballad before, this one has more attack to it. It has much more of a strong, independent women vibe. The style was applauded by fans who were looking for something new.

This song also has more English lyrics in it than a typical K-pop song. Also deviating from the norm, the structure of the verses differs from how songs usually play out. Overall, the song killed any assumptions that Blackpink was fading from the K-pop scene.

The second track is a sweet song titled “Don't Know What To Do,” which is full of regret and longing. While the lyrics are relatively sad, it’s a fresh sounding song.

“Kick It,” the third track, is less engaging after the first two songs. It carries the independent vibe, but it does not bring the same impact as the earlier track “Kill This Love.”

The fourth song, “Hope Not,” is an entirely acoustic track. It’s a sad song in the same vein as “Don't Know What To Do.” The acoustic guitar and the lovely voices of the members make it a mature, romantic song about wishing to get a lover back.

While many other K-pop girl groups go for more of the “girl crush” theme for their albums, Blackpink seems to be moving past that into something more mature and womanly. This is a great change of pace and adds more variety.

This new album provided both a Blackpink comeback and some new, engaging music; they didn’t let their fans down.

It would be difficult to predict where Blackpink will go from here. But whatever they do, let's hope it continues their career in the right direction.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.

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