Malachi Smith is a sophomore philosophy major with a minor in art. He takes pictures of a lot of different things, but is mostly focused on portraits. Smith has a website and is a freelance photographer, but also takes pictures around campus. 

“I specialize in portraiture. I do a lot of portrait work; that’s the majority of what I do,” said Smith. 

Smith found his footing while being involved in clubs in high school. A lot of his talent in the art of photography just comes from experience and practice. 

“It’s mostly self-taught. In high school I was president of yearbook, so I shot a lot of photos for my school’s yearbook. So I got a lot of experience and I got to practice with a lot of different people there,” Smith said. 

In terms of inspiration to begin photographing, Smith found his creativity on a whim quite a few years ago. 

“Macro photography inspired me to start. You know, taking pictures of flowers up close and things,” he said. “That was like five years ago. I literally just took a picture of a flower and I thought, ‘Hey this is pretty cool I’m gonna do this’.”

Smith is also still actively involved in educating himself further in the world of photography while here at Valparaiso University. 

“I’m currently taking an Intro to Digital Photography class that’s mostly to get more into the conceptual side [of photography],” Smith said. 

One of the pictures that Smith is most proud of and finds the most inspirational for the rest of his work is the black and white portrait provided. 

“It kind of represents what I feel- a black and white image should be today.” 

Smith went on to discuss the ways that this image reflects the rest of the work that he does with photography. 

“A lot of my work is kind of contemporary. It's kind of modern, and I shoot to represent the time we’re in while also showing what we have access to now compared to what older photographers, what they would use,” Smith said. 

Smith’s advice to those looking to begin photography is to not focus so much on the equipment, but rather on the experience of capturing images that speak to them. 

“Just go outside and take some pictures, see what you like taking pictures of. And ultimately don’t be afraid to try,” Smith said. “It’s all a creative process at the end of the day.”

If you would like to see more of Smith’s photography, you can check out his website Smith also has an instagram account associated with his photography, @infinitywolf_photos. 

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