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Megan Martinez is a senior creative writing major with a minor in professional writing. She has been writing since she was a little kid and has decided to continue writing throughout college with the hopes to someday publish her own book.                  

“I’ve always written. I didn’t really think of it as a career much until probably some point in high school. I had to start thinking about what I wanted to do, what I wanted to major in college, and I didn’t even know that creative writing was a major,” Martinez said. “And I think actually I found out that it was a major because I got an email from Valpo trying to get me to apply and I noticed that Valpo had creative writing. And then the more I read through that I was like oh okay, this is more of what I want to do.”

Martinez always has enjoyed writing, which only grew as she continued with the craft. 

“I’ve always written to express myself. I used to write stories when I was a kid, or I would write letters to my parents when I was upset, so I mean, I don’t know if that had anything to do with it,” Martinez said. 

One of Martinez’s inspirations to start writing was an old children’s movie.

“I remember when I was like 11 I saw, it’s like an old Nickelodeon movie called ‘Harriet the Spy,’ and it was about this girl who she would spy on her neighbors and people in her town- and like I don’t do that- she wanted to be a writer, and so her practice was writing about the things that she saw, and the things that she experienced. And ever since then, I was like ‘man, that sounds really cool,” she said. 

Martinez’s current favorite thing to write is poetry.

“As of right now, I normally write poetry, because I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I’ll start a book (or what I believe to be a book), and then I’ll think of a different idea and then I go with that one, and it kinda goes in like a weird cycle,” Martinez said. 

While she said poetry is much easier for her to write, she would someday like to be able to start working on writing a book, potentially even more than one.

“My hope is to be able to write books, and become an author, but like realistically that probably won’t happen right out of college, so I probably will end up trying to work in publishing- whether that be like proof-reading, or I guess copy-editing maybe too, something like that,” she said. 

Martinez gave advice for writers looking for the inspiration to continue doing so. 

“I think the most important thing is just keep reading, and writing, because that’s how when you get more experience doing that, or reading other writers- whether it be in poetry, prose, whatever else, I think that’s most important,” Martinez said. 

Persistence is key in Martinez’s eyes. 

“If you know if you love writing, and it’s something you’re passionate about, like just keep at it, keep doing it,” she said. 

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