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Justin Bieber’s first album in over four years “Changes” dropped on Feb. 14. After listening to this album two things are made clear: Bieber is a man in love and, alluding to the title, he has changed. 

“Changes” is the most mature of Bieber’s five albums and has an R&B driven sound, with dashes of pop and hip-hop. 

 It’s evident that he has matured and is still living out his purpose. The now 25-year-old pop star proves to listeners that you are never too far gone that you can’t transform yourself into someone you can be proud of. 

Bieber was first discovered on YouTube in 2008 and became almost an overnight sensation. It wasn’t long before Bieber headed in a downward spiral by getting in trouble with the law and doing drugs. Between 2012-2014, it became clear through his albums “Believe” and “Journals” that Bieber was trying to reform his identity. “Journals” was a digital-only R&B album that discussed the professional and personal conflicts he was facing. 

When Bieber released “Purpose” in 2015, it was obvious that his redemption story was beginning. He owned up to his mistakes and recognized that he became someone he wasn’t proud of. “Purpose” held promises that Bieber made to himself and listeners. “Changes” is proof that he keeps his promises. 

A theme that is recurrent on “Changes” is unconditional love. It’s a testament to how much Bieber admires and appreciates his new wife, Hailey. He credits her for bringing back his creativity. It’s made clear in his single “Intentions” when Bieber sings “When I create, you’re my muse.” 

In the opening track “All Around Me”, Bieber confesses “Not sure what I was doin’ before ya.” He is completely in love and he wants the whole world to know that. While most of the album takes on a chill vibe, Bieber includes some upbeat songs for the listeners out there who prefer his old sound. Other artists that are featured on the album with Bieber are Post Malone, Clever, Kehlani, Quavo, Lil Dicky and Travis Scott.

When Bieber announced the release date of “Changes” following a four-year hiatus, I was excited for him to finally be back. After hearing his single “Intentions,” I knew that his upcoming album would have a completely different sound than what his previous records took on. It made me anticipate the release of “Changes” even more.

It is evident throughout the tracks how much Bieber has changed. I never doubted his ability to transform himself after the downward spiral he fell into. 

One of my favorite songs from the album is ironically the title of the record itself, “Changes.” In the song, Bieber sings “People change, circumstances change / but God always remains the same.” What makes it such a beautiful song is how vulnerable and authentic the lyrics are. Bieber acknowledges the struggles he’s faced with mental health and promises to Hailey that he’s devoted to being the husband she deserves. 

Bieber is getting ready to kick off his North American tour, in support of “Changes.” He will continue to donate $1 for every ticket purchased to his charity, the Bieber Foundation, which advocates for mental health wellness. 

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