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This article contains minor spoilers. 

After four incredible seasons, Michael Schur’s “The Good Place” came to a conclusion on Jan. 30. And from the very first five minutes to the last seconds, I was crying. There was so much I loved about this series in general; the quick wit, the layered characters, the unique plot. 

Eleanor’s selfishness, Chidi’s indecisiveness, Tahini’s materialism and Jason’s impulsiveness were all their fatal flaws that lead to their “bad place” placement. Throughout the show, these qualities in each character were challenged as the characters worked to improve themselves through the study of ethics and helping others. 

This season started out with a final neighborhood being operated as an experiment for self-improvement with a new batch of people, with Eleanor, Michael, Janet, Tahani and Jason each helping lead the new humans towards improving on who they once were. 

I adored Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship through this season. Their trust and confidence in each other were put through so many challenges yet only grew stronger.  

Chidi spent most of his mortal life on Earth searching for solid answers to answerless questions, and this ruined most of his relationships as he looked for ways to fix everything. But midway through the season, after the viewers are shown an episode that reflects on Chidi’s life, we see a note that Chidi left for himself before his memories were erased last season. “There is no ‘answer,’ but Eleanor is the answer,” the note reads, completely solidifying their absolute bond together. 

So many plotlines, character arcs and minor gags came full circle were addressed in this season. This season also had some impressive camerawork in this season, something I wasn’t exactly expecting from an NBC comedy. 

In the finale, each character is given such a satisfying, fitting ending that is only comparable to the show’s ending itself. There were so many minor details that really made the finale form such a satisfying end--Chidi's cheesy dancing, Michael's gift to Tahani, Jason’s quick return and the accompanying scene with Janet, Michael’s fitting and heartwarming ending, Eleanor’s final scene. 

Their past flaws were also highlighted in this last episode as each character exemplified what incredible strides they have made since they were first introduced. Jason, whose thoughtlessness and rash decisions landed him in much trouble on Earth, showed such deep thinking and kindness as he makes his final decisions. 

Tahani’s materialism and narcissism was completely overcome as she dedicates herself to learning and, later, to helping others after she mends her relationship with her family. Chidi’s final, sure decision completely broke my heart, but it was incredible to see from a character who has been so previously paralyzed by the thought of choice-making. His final scene with Eleanor absolutely broke my heart, especially her last line to him. I can’t recommend watching the show enough if just for their relationship. 

There’s also the demon Michael, who started the show off with torturing the main humans, who ends up choosing to live among them and experience humanity for his final ending--a wonderful and unexpected ending to his character that I loved. 

And then there’s Eleanor, our protagonist, is given one of the best endings I’ve seen in a while. She lets go of Chidi, even though the personal pain it causes, and puts him before her even if it leaves her alone. She helps the recurring character Mindy St. Claire and learns to live on her own, happily this time. I haven’t seen a character arc so nicely done in a while, and I don’t think I will. Characters like hers hold such a special place in my heart and I’m so happy she got the ending she deserved. 

Schur, who brought to life shows such as “Parks and Rec” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” has brought so many charming comedies to the screen, and I’m so excited to see what’s next from him. While “The Good Place” is over, it’ll always hold a heavenly place in my heart and I’ll enjoy rewatching it for years to come.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.

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