Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’ causes craze among film fans

This review contains spoilers.

Marvel Studios’ newest movie “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings” has become the most popular movie on RottenTomatoes, scoring a 92% on the Tomatometer. Fans associated with Marvel Studios have been going crazy, they cannot stop talking about the movie. I am one of those Marvel fans and all I can say is go see this movie immediately. The genres it falls under are action, adventure, fantasy and sci-fi. 

Overall, I couldn't agree more with RottenTomatoes and fellow MarvelStudio fans. This movie, in my opinion, has been their best yet. There was so much to love about this movie, from the acting to the smallest of details. It was a beautifully crafted movie. 

To start off, the storyline of this movie was well written. Along with the storyline, the actors and actresses were able to work that script into an action-packed movie. In it, Shang-Chi, played by Simu Liu, is confronted by his tragic past and drawn into a crazy, heart-pounding adventure by an organization called the Ten Rings. His father Xu Wenwu, played by Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, is the organization’s leader. I feel like every scene was able to flow very smoothly. I was able to understand what was going on, and that is highly important as a movie watcher, especially if it is a Marvel movie.  

I do not believe that any other actors or actresses could have pulled off what the cast did. They were able to correctly present the emotions needed for each scene of the movie. The cast portrayed them so well that I was grabbing the arm of my friend next to me or crying on his shoulder.

Simu Liu’s actions could not have been outdone by anyone else. He made me believe that he was really the real-life Marvel character Shang-Chi. And actress Awkwafina’s acting was the comical relief needed in every Marvel movie. She was also able to perfectly exhibit the emotions each audience member was going through. Her character, Katy, has absolutely no idea what was going on during the movie as she did not know of Shang-Chi’s past. It was nice to have a character reflecting how I felt watching this movie and it was also hilarious to watch.  

I loved the art and the history of the movie. I was able to see some beautifully sculpted statues telling the story of the “Ten Rings” and also the story of the “Protector.” This history that the writers of the script were able to incorporate was amazing to look at and to hear. I was in absolute awe the whole movie. 

The color and lights throughout the movie were beyond perfect. The backstage crew was able to create the perfect lighting for dark action scenes and light for love story scenes. The colors used were able to really add to the story of the movie. I feel like colors can give you hints of what will happen in a scene--an example would be the love story between Xu Wenwu and Jiang Li. This scene was presented as a fighting scene, but there were so many bright colors like greens, whites, pinks, etc. Those colors gave me the gut feeling that this scene was not just about the fight but something more and I was right. 

The soundtrack used was great for the movie. They were able to set the right tone for each scene being introduced. Especially during the scenes where major fights were being fought or symbolic ones in the movie (i.e. when Shang-Chi and his father fight to the death and when Shang-Chi comes up from the waters riding the Great Protector). 

I also want to throw in here that I really appreciated how the producers and directors added in my new favorite furry friend, Morris. He was an absolute pleasure to watch and laugh at too. He is a six-legged, no-face, colorful winged creature who belonged to the land where Shang-Chi’s mother came from. 

This movie was an absolute 10/10. I believe that everyone should go see this movie and that it is worth the money. Make sure to stay for the end credit scenes also, you will not regret it. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch.

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