Ashe's new single 'The Same' touches on highs and lows of love

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Indie pop sensation Ashe released a new single along with a recording of her song “Real Love,” together titled “The Same / Real Love,” on Feb. 11. 

These songs were released as a part of the soundtrack for “To All The Boys, Always & Forever” which is set to release on Netflix on Feb. 12th. 

I’m sure most, if not all of you have heard of Ashe’s song “Moral of the Story,” even if you didn’t realize that it was Ashe’s work when you were listening to it.  

This new single, “The Same,” is quite similar to Ashe’s previous work in terms of sound and construction. There is a lot going on in what at first appears to be a rather simple and somber song. However, the lyricism present within this track is truly heartbreaking and sticks with you long after the song has finished playing. 

“The Same” is surely about something emotional and close to the artist, or at least the narrator of the song, and that can be seen through the progression of the lyrics as the song goes on. Ashe sings lines such as “Maybe now that you are right here / I found summer in the rain / Oh I’ll always feel the same / Oh I’ll always feel the same,” which convey a sense of hope and love from one person to another. These lyrics clearly depict these emotions being found for the narrator in the form of someone else. 

The song then has a long stint of instrumentals, after which Ashe then goes on to sing “Oh I wish that you were still here / While the summer turns to rain / Oh but nothing, nothing stays the same / Now I know nothing, nothing stays the same.” The tone has most certainly shifted here, and not for the better. Instead of promising lines, the narrator and audience are now encompassed in a harsh and pessimistic reality. The trust that was once there is now gone. 

Despite the tone of the lyrics, the sound of the song is a rather calming one. The beats are soothing and give off a sense of security to the listener. Although, when the shift happens in the lyrics, that tone goes away and is replaced with an almost unsettling acoustic sound. Ashe truly makes this song and the story an experience for the listener, and I appreciate the artistry in that. 

This song about a loving and trusting relationship that faded overtime is fitting, since it was written for a Netflix romantic comedy. I think that Ashe’s sound is refreshing and will fit with the tone of the movie, as well as working on its own as a song apart from the film. 

I’ve definitely been a casual fan of Ashe for quite some time. After listening to these new releases, specifically “The Same,” I can absolutely see myself seeking out her music more actively. “The Same / Real Love” is streaming now; give it a listen. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch. 


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