Sophomore Lexi Gault came into college with the intention of pursuing a double major in studio arts and astronomy but realized she couldn’t let go of math because she loves it so much. This has led her to pursue double majors in astronomy and mathematics with minors in studio art and French. She’s found this combination to be good for her, as she can enjoy both STEM subjects and continue fostering her love of art.

“My mom said when I was little, I would rather be using colored pencils and crayons than watching TV.”

Although she’s always had this appreciation for the visual arts, she explained that she became serious about it around her sophomore year of high school.

“I knew I wanted to still be involved and do it in some capacity when I got to college.”

Gault doesn’t have a favorite type of media, joking that she “does everything, all the time.” Because of their ease while living in a dorm, she currently uses a lot of watercolors.  In high school, she’d buy all sorts of art supplies and then experiment with them.

“I did do acrylic pouring outside of Alumni last year. It was a big mess...I don’t really have a preferred medium because I love all of it.”

As much as she loves art, Gault remarked that she didn’t really put a lot of thought into the emotions behind each piece until she took a drawing class.  

“It was mostly just like, ‘This looks cool, let me do it.’ But last semester, my professor really emphasized putting meaning behind it and having a reason to do things.” This class, Drawing, helped her to find the reasoning behind her art and made each new piece a unique and meaningful. “It was really good for me to actually think about it, and understanding… it made me appreciate my work more.” She credits that drawing course as being the turning point behind her art.  

One of Gault’s favorite artists is David Hockney, a photographer and artist of many media who experiments in human complexity. This has been the basis for a lot of her work. A driving force for some of her work has been the tension that Gault experienced as someone who loves the arts and STEM.

“I’m trying to find the balance in those… people are complex and you can do more than one thing.”

As much as Gault enjoys art, she said it’s difficult to balance her many degrees, Christ College work and her art.

“We’ll see how much actually sticks. But it’s definitely something I’m going to continue to do on my own… We’ll see.”

In the future, she thinks it’ll be a large hobby; for the time being, she will make art for her friends upon request.

When asked what she would have to say to other artists, Gault responded, “Make things that mean something to you because if it doesn’t mean anything to you, then it’s not going to be your best work, or great work.  If it means something to you and it’s an original thought that you had, then it’s art regardless of whether or not people receive it well.”

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