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For the few who don’t know who BTS is, here is a short introduction. BTS is a seven-member Korean-Pop group from South Korea. They have sold out stadiums all around the world, including in America. Their upcoming tour already has sold out dates, even before the release of their new album. 

Their new album, “Map of the Soul: 7” follows “Map of the Soul: Persona,” an album I reviewed last year. To reiterate, I thought it wasn’t as strong as previous albums but still good. So, in turn, I was hoping MOTS7 would supersede expectations. And it did. 

There are 15 new songs, however, two were released before the album dropped.

The first song is “Filter,” a solo song by vocalist, Jimin. This track starts with a guitar that gives off a Latin Pop feel. It's a song about how Jimin wants to present himself to the world in many different ways. It definitely shows a different side of the vocalist both lyrically and production-wise. 

A solo from Jungkook, the youngest of the group, follows. “My Time” is an R&B track that details Jungkook looking at his time growing up with BTS from 15 years old to now, 22 years old. With his smooth vocals and runs, it is definitely one of my favorites. 

“Louder Than Bombs,” co-written by rappers Suga, RM and J-Hope with popular artist, Troye Sivan, is enchanting with meaningful lyrics.  

The title track, “On,” uses an organ in the intro swiftly followed by heavy drums and assisted by strong lyrics and production. “On” is definitely an attention grabber. The music video currently has 77 million views on Youtube since its release on Feb. 21. 

The highly anticipated rap line track, “UGH,” didn't disappoint. The lyrics express their anger against malice. At my first listen, “UGH” was definitely my favorite and became my first repeat of the album, it’s definitely the standout. 

In a bit of a jarring transition “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” is the vocal line unit track. It’s a powerful ballad that shares the belief that you always have a new chance at the start of a new day. The soft but slightly upbeat song will definitely be a tear-jerker at their concerts. 

“Inner Child” is the third solo track and is sung by V. V had a hand in both producing and the writing of the track to convey the challenging times he’s faced. The gradual upbeat nature of the song captures you with a hopeful feeling as the lyrics, “We gon’ change,” chants like an anthem.

“Friends” features Jimin and V. In this very sweet song, Jimin and V sing about their friendship and call each other their soulmate. Backed by an amazing choir, “Friends” is an homage to their past years together and the years in the future.

The final solo song is “Moon” by the eldest member, Jin. Jin co-writes “Moon” and talks about his love for the fans, calls himself the Earth and the fans, the moon.

“Respect” is a unit song with Rappers RM and Suga. It instantly reminded me of BTS’ older discography. The track is very laid back as both Rappers give fun ad-libs throughout the song and a funny conversation at the end. 

“We are Bulletproof: The Eternal” is the final song and the complete opposite of my expectations. Instead of a hard Hip-Hop beat, we’re met with a light piano and soft vocals. “The Eternal” details BTS’ journey as a team from pre-debut to now. With lyrics like, “We are together bulletproof, we are forever bulletproof,” BTS conveys that they are always going to be 7. 

All in all, MOTS7 not only tops MOTSP but is one of their best albums in their discography. Once again BTS has given personal, meaningful and fun music to the world. I look forward to hearing these songs live in concert.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch. 

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