Ariana Grande album filled with passion seen before in previous albums

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Thank you, Spotify, for sending me a notification on a particularly difficult day informing me that Ariana Grande’s new album Positions was available for streaming. I needed that. 

This is Grande’s third album in two years, and it is arguably her best one. “Sweetener” and “thank u, next” were the previous two and while I loved them, there was something more peaceful about “Positions.”

The title track for Grande’s album, along with a music video for the song, was released as a single on Oct 23. As of now, the video has 65 million views on Youtube. 

The album as a whole, is a very familiar sound when it comes to Grande. Her sound is very mainstream in a general sense, but her lyrics and the range of her voice add to the flare of her albums. 

The tone of the album bounces back and forth. There are some songs that highlight the act of gathering peace within oneself and putting yourself back together after trauma. On the other hand, there are songs that are just all around fun and sexy. 

“my hair,” “nasty” and “positions” definitely lean more toward the intimate side of the album. In “my hair” Grande’s soul is crazily evident. Her voice carries an insane amount of traction and I have already added this song to my everyday playlist. 

The song “nasty” is about exactly what you think it’s about. The lyrics and beat have been stuck in my head for quite a few days now, and it is one that is easy to bop along to. 

The featured artists shine on this album as well. “safety net” is assisted by Ty Dolla $ign, and is my favorite song on the album. It has a cool beat to it and the lyrics are clearly focused on fighting with the fear of trusting again. He and Grande’s voices flow together so well, and the song is a straight bop.

The Weeknd is also featured in “off the table,” another ballad on the album that deals with a more serious topic of learning to love again after loss. The lyrics from this song particularly stick with me when Grande softly sings, “Do I just sit this one out and wait for the next life?” The weight that the lyrics hold is evident in the way that Grande sings, and The Weeknd’s soulful voice only adds to that effect. 

“Positions” is about love and learning to cope with your past and, hopefully, finding peace after or amidst grief. The topic of grief in this album ties in with the themes of love, and the album has a mix of both happy and playful and sad and somber. 

Grande’s sound is stylistic and sweet, and I love listening to her music. I think “Positions” is her best album to date, and it deserves multiple listens. Check it out anywhere music is available.


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