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After a great first season, Netflix’s “Sex Education” returned with a new season this month. With an amazing cast of unique, complex characters and a refreshing plotline, I was super excited to binge-watch this newest season after I first saw the trailer. 

The hilarious first season followed Otis as he began a “business” in his high school as an unofficial sex therapist and adviser to his peers using secondhand knowledge learned from his mother, an actual sex therapist. This season, while dealing with a similar plot, still managed to be as funny and engrossing as the first. 

First off, one of my favorite things about this entire series is Otis and Eric’s friendship. Even when they’re fighting, you can so clearly see their friendship. Their relationship really shined this season. They’re so comfortable with each other; while Eric is a very lively character in general, viewers only really get to see Otis being as outgoing when he’s with his best friend. 

Jackson, unexpectedly, shined in this season--he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the entire show. I wasn’t a huge fan of him in the first season as his character mostly revolved around Maeve and the pressures of his swimming career. But his storyline this season broke my heart over and over--especially during the party episode. Additionally, I loved his friendship with Viv, his tutor, so much. 

Both Jackson and Adam have really grown past their initial introductions--Jackson as the stereotypical jock and Adam as the relentless bully--into such interesting, complicated characters. 

However, as much as I enjoyed their plotlines, Aimee was really the breakout star of this season. She spent most of season one as Maeve’s secret friend, as Aimee’s toxic popular friends would have disapproved of their friendship, but ultimately chose Maeve over them all. She is such a sweet, caring character, and she has such hilarious one-liners too. I was surprised when the writers decided to give her a more serious storyline this season, but I really loved it--there were several times I cried over her situation and how she deals with it. 

In terms of things I didn’t love so much, I wish we got to see a bit more of Eric’s family. We got some really impactful scenes with them last season, and I missed seeing them. He and his family provided such an interesting view on being LGBTQ+ and religion that I’m disappointed we didn’t get much more of it. 

Even though he was one of the bigger characters of the season, I didn’t find Rahim’s character that interesting. I felt the same for Ola and Otis’s relationship as well--I adored Ola as a character, but I didn’t really feel their chemistry together too strongly. 

Also, Maeve is one of my favorite characters of the entire show but I wasn’t a huge fan of her storyline this season. I feel like it was reminiscent of her plotline in the first season with her older brother and too predictable. But the late plot twist with Otis’s mother, Jean, really surprised me, and I can’t wait for season three to see how the writers deal with it. 

While there are so many genuinely hilarious scenes, there were some amazing emotional scenes. I loved how this season explored Otis and his father’s relationship, and the scene with the girls on the bus. 

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