Senior Jennfier Perkne is majoring in music education and she loves what she chose to pursue. After graduation, she wants to be a choir director for high school students. Perkne has also thought about becoming a strings teacher for fourth and fifth graders or a church choir director. 

Perkne has been singing for as long as she can remember 

“When I was three years old, around three, I grew up in a small country town. Every night my dad came home from work, he would play this same ‘Shania Twain in Live’ DVD. I would sing and dance in my living room to the same Shania Twain songs everyday for like three or four years. That’s where it began,” said Perkne.

The genres she enjoys singing the most are Country and Christian. 

“I love jamming out to old Taylor Swift on my guitar,” Perkne said. 

Arranging music has been something she has enjoyed doing for quite some time. She music directs for her female acapella group, the All Trebles Voice acapella group.

When her and the All Trebles Voice group went into their first performance, she was so happy with how the arrangement of music turned out. 

“I feel like you’re performing an arrangement I did was really cool. Cause it’s very still real to know that, ‘Oh. you put those notes on the page in that way’ and now like the world is hearing how you put the notes on the page,” Perkne said. 

Along with her passion for singing, Perkne also developed a passion for learning how to play different instruments. She learned how to play the piano when she was very young, then started to pick up learning how to play guitar. 

For years she has kept up with playing her violin. 

“I started violin when I was in third grade. So I’ve been playing violin for a really long time. I was in the orchestra here [at Valpo] for a few years. I did it all through high school,” Perkne said.

She also got involved with another instrument here at Valpo, inspired by the chapel. 

“I started taking organ lessons. So I do know how to play the organ in the Chapel,” Perkne said.

After she leaves Valpo, she is still planning on using her musical talents wherever they are needed. 

“I plan to continue using my music in a sacred setting at whatever church I’m called to. To serve communities in that way because that’s definitely my primary mode of music,” Perkne said. 

One piece of advice Perkne had to offer aspiring musicians is to practice a lot. 

“There’s no way in avoiding practicing a lot because it is a very competitive field. Always hone your talent and know that there is always room to grow,” Perkne said. “Then; don’t be afraid to be yourself. I think that is the biggest one I’ve learned at Valpo. Even when I took voice lessons here, but then when I sing outside of my voice lessons, I don’t sound anything like I do in my voice lessons.”

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