On April 12, the Valparaiso University Men’s and Women's Choirs will come together to perform their annual spring concert. The free concert will take place in the Valparaiso University Center of the Arts lobby at 6 p.m.

Maura Janton Cock is a lecturer and the conductor for the Women's Choir.

“This particular concert, because it happens in the lobby of the VUCA, is a little bit lighter music,” Cock said. “We sing not necessarily things from the classical music repertoire but things that are maybe more popular. Although we do some classical things as well, the majority of this concert is more popular, lighter kinds of pieces.”

Cock said that the Men’s and Women's Choirs will each be performing their own individual songs before coming together at the end of the concert for what she describes as the “big finisher.” The Women’s Choir in particular will be performing songs such as the Latin piece “O Lux Beate Tritines” or “Oh Light Blessed of the Trinity,” and another song titled “Voice Dance” which is a four-part acapella piece that weaves different rhythms.

Cock said that the “big finisher” will be a Beatles Medley of popular songs like “Michelle,” “Hey Jude” and “Yesterday.” There will also be a part of the medley where the choirs will invite the audience to participate and sing along.

Both Caitlin Moore, a junior Spanish and communications double major and member of the Women's Choir, and Zachary Gray, a senior mechanical engineering major and member of the Men’s Choir expressed their pride for their individual choirs’ work and their excitement for the upcoming concert.

“I am a music minor,” Moore said, “freshman year, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the choir, and I really like the women’s choir because it’s ... more low-key than the other choirs, and the girls who do it, do it purely for the joy of it.”

“I think overall we’re both really energetic groups of people who just really enjoy music for the sake of music, and we don’t have a whole lot of music minors or majors, but it’s just people who really enjoy sharing music with people,” Moore said.

“It’s going to be a fun, lively concert, but you’re also going to hear a lot of very talented vocal parts,” Gray said.

Cock, Moore and Gray encourage all who can to attend the event.

“Come!” Cock said, “There’s a ton of music. Come support people who you may or may not know are in the Men and Women’s Choirs. It’s less than an hour long. It’s a great way to transition from Sunday afternoon to Sunday evening as we get closer to the end of the semester.”

“Everybody knows the Beatles, everybody knows the songs that we’re going to be signing, and they’re going to really enjoy it,” Gray said.

“It’s just something that we all really enjoy and have fun with,” Moore said, “so if you want to come out, definitely come, and you’ll have fun too.”

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