devil all the time

From really fanatic Christians, to a boy with anger issues and a very shady preacher, the movie “The Devil All the Time” was a very interesting film to say the least. The new Netflix movie based on the book of the same name is one of a very bizarre nature. 

The movie involves themes of violent murder, intimate relations and a couple of very strange preacher men. The story starts off with a former WWII soldier Willard Russell and his descent into madness. It then revolves around the life of his son Arvin Russell living in the 1950s who had a very harsh upbringing. The film showcases his complicated relationship with his family and a mix of crazy events that he finds himself in.  

If you’re someone who enjoys movies that are thriller based, and involve things such as crime, corruption and manslaughter then this movie might not be a bad way to spend two hours of your life. 

The movie was definitely good for what it was; whether that's a good or bad thing is up for interpretation. To break it down, the basis of the movie was heavily rooted in the Christian faith and what it means to be a good Christian. However, with that it goes over the banality of evil and how everyone including the people in positions of power, even in religion, are all sinners. 

The movie is meant to explore and touch on the idea that we all have a devil in us whispering foul things in our ears and some of us give in to that-- such as the main character, Arvin. He was a good person but he had a very bad temper to him and eventually he gave in and the devil took him. 

With that being said, as previously stated, this movie was very much good for what it was. It's a thriller that targets the corrupt nature of our youth, our leaders and the people closest to us. 

However for the most part, the movie just felt really dry and bland and was kind of hard to follow. Its delivery was good but as it went on, it just got much harder to stay interested. 

There are a lot of different parts in the movie that happen separately but concurrently and they end up colliding at some point, but those separated parts are just extremely weird. Some of them didn’t really add or take away anything from the story. Luckily by the end they seem to serve their purpose. 

Overall the movie was kind of slow and didn’t do a good job at making the audience care about the people in it. It can be argued that the point wasn’t to care about them, just to showcase their insanity. 

“The Devil All the Time,” though it does have a good message, doesn’t do a good job in making the audience care about that message. So to sum up it’s an interesting movie just not a movie one can call extremely entertaining. If you enjoy thriller movies this is something you might be interested in.

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