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Bullet For My Valentine has become one of the biggest bands known in metal. 

They came out with their seventh album on Nov. 5. This album has been named as their heaviest, fiercest album yet. As a fan of this amazing band, I can say that this has been one of their most heart-pounding albums yet. 

This band was formed in 1998 and since then they have sold over three million albums and scored three Gold Albums. It’s a huge accomplishment to receive three gold albums; it means that the Record Industry Association of America recognizes that the band's albums are being sold in huge amounts, at least 500,000 or more. 

Their music has always been known for their heaviness and not caring about how people will react to it. In order to keep up the success of their 2018 album, “Gravity,” they made sure to stick with their classic monstrous lyrics and riffs. 

Their album cover and title threw me off a little bit when I first took a look at it. I also found it strange that the band decided to name their new album the title of the band, “Bullet For My Valentine.” The cover of the album represents a skull, which works well because the songs in the album relate to death in a way. However, I just can't wrap my head around why the band chose not to produce a title related to the cover art when there was so much opportunity to. 

Lead singer Matthew Tuck alternated his voice between screaming and singing. It’s good to have a balance of both in an album like this. 

Though their songs include screaming, hard guitar and drum playing, the band was able to produce dynamic music. This album consisted of creativity that I have not heard from this band before. In their songs “Shatter” and “Parasite”, they created catchy intros. “Parasite” had the best intro to any metal song I’ve listened to. They combined a majority of songs created in past albums to form a sense of having those songs on repeat in our head. This intro worked great with this song because they wanted to portray that their songs were parasites in our mind, meaning we can’t get them out of our heads. 

“Shatter” had a more calming intro effect; I’ve never heard the band create this gentle sound before. This was so interesting to hear from them because their songs are heavy and vicious. The intro consisted of an electric guitar and voices lightly singing. It’s mesmerizing to hear. Eventually the lead singer does scream, but then transitions into singing. I found that transition amazing and easy to listen to. Their song “Rainbow Veins” was interesting in a similar way because it talks about self-medicating the pain and, though the lyrics were a bit dark, I was able to appreciate the more balanced use of singing and screaming.

My favorite song off of this album has to be “Bastards” because of the power and adrenaline rush I get. This song has a great mix of scream and inspirational lyrics for someone who is trying to tear up the weights at the gym. The lyrics talk about rebelling against the corruption and denial society brings into our lives. The development of strength and power is felt in this song, and it can be great for someone who loves metal or doesn’t. 

This album has made it into my metal playlist. I was looking for a new album to obsess over, and Bullet For A Valentine was able to produce that. Past albums will not be able to compare to this new album in the categories heaviness and fierceness. Bullet For My Valentine will come to delight both new and old fans with this new album. An 8/10 to go listen to now. 

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