P!nk's latest album focuses on strength, optimism

It has been five years since P!nk’s last album, “The Truth about Love,” was released in 2012. This past Friday, P!nk’s seventh album “Beautiful Trauma” came into the world, and it’s a perfect show of the artist’s talent and mastery of music.

Each of her newest songs can stand on their own, but together they’re incredible. There are songs like “Beautiful Trauma” that are upbeat and buoyant, but there are also songs like “Barbies” that are slower and nostalgic. Separately, the lyrics to these pieces have messages that are very potent on their own, but the overall message of the album when listened in order seems to be that life is messed up, but it’s also beautiful. When you take a look at that central message, you can see it really applies to every single song in this album in some way. It may not be entirely obvious, but it’s there.

The most incredible thing about this album is how the songs fit together in placement and relationship with each other. The series of songs are bookended by clusters of bright intensity that contrast the opposite dark intensity of the middle. They begin with showing such great passion that evolves into foggy confusion and grief and comes out at the end with a great resounding hope and endurance.

Across the board, there are amazing vocals and diversity in style. On top of everything else this album is doing, there are also a variety of different instrumental backgrounds, tempos and influences. There are one or two pop songs, one that has gospel aspects to it and even some rap thrown in there. Basically, this album includes a lot of different things to keep you engaged.

One of the songs that stood out to me was “Revenge,” which reminded me of Lily Allen’s “F*** You” because they both have very strong language about negative things. These two songs are sung so lightly, and there’s chipper music playing behind them, too.

Another song that stood out to me was “I Am Here,” with its danceable refrain and super optimistic lyrics. Lines like: “I've already seen the bottom / So there's nothing to fear” and “I can make anywhere home...My heart it is racing / But afraid I am not” really stand out to me and are a great example of how P!nk carries such positive messages with this song and the album.

The only song that was disappointing was “Whatever You Want” because it sounds way too similar to her song “Just Like Fire.” Everything from the chords to the rhythms were just so close that I actually thought that I was listening to “Just Like Fire” at first. The entire album is so amazing, and then there’s this one song that just breaks that up a bit.

The icing on cake is the album cover art. First, the color choices are beyond aesthetically pleasing. And then there’s the fact that P!nk’s coat is being worn upside down, but her facial expression screams to me to be a challenging “What?” like she’s daring someone to say something about it. This encompasses the idea of strength behind her album, which I would highly recommend to just about anyone.

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