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On Jan. 24, the third chapter, or season, of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”came out on Netflix and, of course, I binge-watched all eleven episodes. 

I watched this series for the first time in October because I was looking for something spooky to watch and thought I would give it a try. Admittedly I wasn’t too hopeful once I found out the creators of “Riverdale”also created this show. 

However, I was pleasantly surprised and how good the first two seasons were. I couldn’t stop watching and couldn’t wait for the next season as they closed season two with a bang. 

So when Netflix announced the release date, I was pretty excited to figure out how Sabrina was going to save her boyfriend, Nick, from hell. 

Unfortunately, I was disappointed.  

Season three solved the issue of Nick in Hell within the first four episodes, and when Nick was finally saved, he became a background character. I felt the storyline had so much potential going into season three, but instead, it was rushed. 

Additionally, Nick had so much potential to show character growth, but the show pushed him aside. The producers wasted a perfect setup that would allow them to explore Nick’s character and to show development. 

Season three also really reminded me that the creators of “Riverdale”also worked on this show and this isn’t a good thing. 

In classic “Riverdale”fashion, season three of Sabrina was rushed, new plot lines and problems were introduced too fast and too much, and they, unfortunately, put some musical numbers in. Somehow the creators of this series were able to take a really great series and turn it into a “Riverdale” copycat in one season.   

I was hoping for a season dedicated to Sabrina and Nick and the struggles of saving him from Hell, but instead, I got an unemotional, detached breakup, Pagan witches and a contest to be the ruler of Hell. If that sentence sounded confusing it’s because the season was confusing. 

Don’t get me wrong, they executed these problems really well. I was invested in each problem, I just wish they would’ve given each issue more time rather than rushing several things into one season.

I may be sounding a little too harsh, overall I did enjoy this season and I will definitely watch the next season. 

However, there is one thing that was introduced this season that I can’t forgive: musical numbers. Very reminiscent of “Riverdale,” which I stopped watching in season three due to the pure ridiculousness of it all, Sabrina joined a cheer team and the producers decided to sprinkle musical numbers throughout the series. I love musicals, but when they make sense. Musical numbers somehow just don’t fit into a show about dark arts, the devil and witchcraft.   

This season of Sabrina had so much potential with the storylines and possible character development that was set up in season two, but the creators were blinded by the success of “Riverdale”and started to morph Sabrina into the same type of show. 

Sabrina was a fantastic show by itself before it’s association with “Riverdale”became apparent. We don’t need another “Riverdale.

I will continue to watch Sabrina in seasons to come. She’s a great character with the potential of having an extremely entertaining storyline--let's just hope the creators put the show’s potential to good use. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch. 

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