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Singer-songwriter Gnash released his newest album “We” on Jan. 11. While most known for his 2016 hit song featuring Olivia O’Brien “I Hate You, I Love You,” which is included on the album, the album consists of 13 songs in total.

Most -- if not all -- of Gnash's songs on this album seem to be about breaking up. The album starts off a little weak with the song “Happy Never After.” Gnash seems to stray from his original roots by starting it off talking in the song more than singing. However, “Imagine If,” the second song on the album, is completely different with a more upbeat and instrumental song. This one has cute and catchy lyrics that comply with the title such as, “Imagine if I never messed up / Imagine if we never even broke up.”

Comparable in energy to “Imagine If,” “Nobody’s Home” is my favorite on the album and personally the most memorable. Like the other songs, this is also a breakup song with subtle 2000s vibes. He sings in the chorus “Maybe I’ll forget you someday / but today is just another Monday / so nobody’s home / I'm all alone / Guess it’s just me and my phone.”

“Nobody’s Home” and “Imagine If” seem to be the feel-good songs of the album. Gnash includes another song on this album that came out six months prior to the release of the album called “Dear Insecurity” that features musician Ben Abraham. Surprisingly, “Dear Insecurity” isn’t about a breakup but is about facing inner fears and anxiety. Although the message of the song is good, it doesn’t have a good beat or a creative music video. The beat sounds basic and slightly boring, while the music video is uncreative and just switches close-ups every frame from Gnash to Ben Abraham’s face.

This album also contains some slower paced songs such as “P.s.,” “Be” and “Insane.” “Be” is an acoustic song with a calming feel -- the melody sounds similar to The Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” when Gnash sings the chorus “If we fall apart / who should I call / to help me mend / my broken heart.” The tracks “Insane” and “P.s.” are also acoustic, which helps give them a nice sound.

Another song worth mentioning is “Pajamas.” This song feels slightly improvised but is overall a cute song. For example, Gnash sings the feel-good chorus of “Let’s stay in our pajamas / Let’s not leave the house / It’s been real bad lately / but I feel pretty good right now.” These lyrics have a carefree feel to them but are overall relatable.

Arguably one of the most popular songs on the album, “T-shirt” is probably the cringiest. The cliché repetitive lyrics “You broke my heart / and all I got was this T-shirt,” give the song a younger audience approach, and the song's video is even worse. The video mostly contains a girl making gestures towards the camera and dancing around in a parking lot. This makes the video look childish and a bit underproduced.

Overall, the songs on the album are either you love them or you hate them. I think this is an average album, as I would say about half the songs are pretty good and the other half is really terrible. For a smaller artist though, Gnash produced a capturing album and definitely will be growing more popular in upcoming years.

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