Artist Spotlight: Brandon LaChapelle

Brandon LaChapelle is a senior public health major with a minor in chemistry. He is also enrolled in an early graduate school program for his masters of public health. When he’s not focusing on his studies, LaChapelle spends his time taking pictures. He has been photographing since he was a senior in high school. 

When asked about the inspiration for him to begin photographing, LaChapelle said, “I’ve always loved technology and things like that and I found it very interesting. How to capture just different moments in time and to be able to show those in unique and creative ways. It’s just something that I’ve always found fun.”

LaChapelle’s favorite thing to photograph is landscapes. 

“I love taking pictures of landscapes. I love taking pictures of the stars, just different things like that,” he said.

While this has been the focus of his work for some time, he has begun to broaden his portfolio as well.

“I’ve been trying to get more into portrait photography lately. But, It’s just something about going out and seeing a beautiful sunset, sunrise or something like that,” LaChapelle said of his continued passion for landscape photography. 

One of his favorite pictures is of stars from the Milky Way. 

“That was in Florida, and it was one of my first tries at taking pictures of the stars. I went out to this random field by the beach and took a picture and I was like, shocked actually that it like turned out as well as it did. That’s probably one of my favorite pictures just because of how it happened,” LaChapelle said. 

When asked if there was any reasoning behind the pictures he enjoys the most, LaChapelle said, “I think the reason I like this one [City Lights] is because it took a long time to make it happen. I was sitting there for a couple of hours waiting for the right moment to make it;  the sunset was nice and there were enough cars driving past and stuff like that,” he continued. “That was one of my first experiences like with that type of photography, too, like the long exposure stuff.”

When offering advice to new photographers, LaChapelle brought up a few different points. 

“You don’t have to have the most perfect photographs when you begin, you’ll grow so much as you continue to take pictures. The more pictures you take, the better,” LaChapelle said. 

LaChapelle also mentioned the variety of resources readily available to those wanting to jumpstart their photography. 

“Now there’s so many great resources on YouTube and stuff that you can teach yourself. Really anyone can learn how to take good photos.”

“You gotta enjoy it. Just have fun and take pictures of what you like to take pictures of because that’s most important,” LaChapelle said. 

If you would like to see more of LaChapelle’s photography, you can check out his Instagram @brandonlachapellephoto.

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