Sam Smith's 'Love Goes' emotional, elicits reflective feelings

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Imagine an album created to make you fall in love with yourself or someone else. Within this album consisted songs of wanting to find love again and not being afraid. Other songs containing the unspoken words of heartbreak and depression. Artist Sam Smith and their new album “Love Goes” gives us these songs of all these unforgettable feelings. 

Sam Smith, once again, came out with an album that just makes you want to stop and listen to every lyric they have to say. This time around, they not only wanted fans to hear their words, but they wanted to hear the words for themselves and believe it. 

“This album is how I healed myself,” Sam Smith stated to Apple Music.

With the heartbreak they were going through, they were able to create an album of heartfulness and inspiration to go find love. That’s what makes this album so relatable to love and to life. 

Within this album, there is only one “starred” track. This track is titled “Diamonds.” 

“Diamonds” was a song created to show Sam’s strength gained from the heartbreak they were going through. Sam says in the lyrics, “My diamonds leave with you; You’re never gonna hear my heart break.” Within these lyrics, you can hear the strength they were able to gain during their breakup. This song is a song that you can listen to and feel inspired to move on from any heartache that you might be experiencing.

Some personal favorite songs of mine would be “To Die For,” “Kids Again” and “Love Goes.” 

“To Die For” is a song that gets you thinking about not wanting to be alone. Smith uses lyrics like, “Pink lemonade sipping on a Sunday; Couples holding hands on a runway” to get you thinking about who you would want to spend your Sundays with, or you want to walk down the aisle with. 

“Kids Again” is a song that gets you to look back at your childhood. Some of us wanted to make sure we were going to change the world when we got older. 

Well, we're in college now. What happened to our childhood? Did you live it the way you wanted to? Listen to this song and look back at your memories and answer the question for yourself. 

Finally, “Love Goes” is a song that got Smith to understand their self worth. They let go of their lover, so then the lover can go learn that they are broken themselves. Smith came to an understanding that, that’s the way love goes. 

This is a good song to listen to when you feel like you made a mistake with a lover you lost. Sometimes, losing someone you love, is just the way love goes. 

Overall, this album has gotten me to think about all of my past lovers and how they changed my way of thinking and doing. I was able to come to the realization that I, too, deserve another chance at finding love. To anyone who listens to this album, I hope you too feel as though you are ready to go love again. 


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