BTS is a mega popular seven member K-pop boy group from South Korea. The group has reached international status, selling out arena and stadium tours around the world, including the U.S. “Map of the Soul: Persona” is the name of BTS’ sixth studio album, which was released on April 12.

The album begins with the intro, “Intro: Persona.” It’s a song with an old school feel. It's super upbeat and only features the leader and one of three rappers in the group, RM. This song is a great introduction into the overall feel of BTS and their past discography and is a great start to the album.

The next song is the title track, “Boy With Luv.” The title comes from their previous title track named, “Boy in Luv” from their second mini album, “Skool Luv Affair.” Although this time, pop star Halsey is featured on the track. It’s a super pop-y, sugary sweet track. It’s easy for radio play, which is why it’s currently being played on pop stations around the U.S. To date, the music video, which also features Halsey, has amassed over 189 million views, with 74.6 million on the first day.

The third track, “Mikrokosmos,” is a slower paced track then the previous one. It’s a sweet sounding love song that talks about love and stars. It’s a calm yet powerful song that is sure to be a favorite.  

“Make it right” is my second favorite on the album as it’s a bit more upbeat than “Mikrokosmos” with nice, simple production. The lyrics seem simple with the catchy chorus breaking up the rapper’s verses, ultimately making the song a head bopper. There’s great harmonies and background vocals. An awesome fact to mention is that fellow musician Ed Sheeran had a hand in the song’s production. This is a song that could surely play on a pop radio station as it seems like the perfect spring to summer anthem.

I think the song “Home,” is the best track on the list. To me, this song is peak BTS -- it’s simply fantastic. The group speaks of their success, and how far they’ve traveled from home to make their dreams a reality. The song speaks on where home really is to the band members. The production of the track is great and has throwback to 2000s hip-hop feel. It’s balanced It’s a smooth riding song that slightly speeds up when the last two rapper verses come up. This song could easily play on a hip-hop and R&B station.

For BTS, the lineup of singers and rappers on the track “Jamais Vu” track is unique. Usually, on a BTS song it’ll be either a mix of all seven members, vocalists only or rappers only. However, this song features singers Jin and Jungkook and rapper J-Hope. If I had to rank this the whole album, unfortunately, I would put this one last because I am not one for most ballads. Nonetheless, this song is still good. It’s a sad song about heartbreak. What makes the song apart from the vocalists great voices is the rap verse. It breaks up the emotion from the singers and gives it a bit of beat.

From the quick five second intro of “Dionysus,” I could tell this song was going to be hard and I was right. Dionysus is a hardcore catchy song. With the song leading to a sudden rock phase near the end, it’s a great end to the album. This song is not just about drinking alcohol. It’s a song about becoming drunk on hard work, art, fame and creativity.


Although the album is only seven tracks, ending after only 26 minutes, it’s a great collection. However, I still think it’s not as strong compared to previous albums.

As a BTS fan, I’m happy but there’s still a craving for more. It’s assumed that “Map of the Soul: Persona” is one of three albums. This is believable as BTS has done plenty of trilogies before like their previous albums of the “Love Yourself” series. Therefore, I know BTS can and will continue to go up and evolve from here.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.

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