It’s no secret among fans that Bring Me the Horizon’s sixth studio album “amo” caused a lot of conversation well before its release date on Jan. 25. Now topping the U.K. charts at number one, “amo”is becoming incredibly successful for an album that many did not have high hopes for.

Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH) is a band that has never shied away from a changing sound, with each album being fairly different from the last. It would seem that every release has brought with it a new division between fans, whether that be over the aesthetic, the lyrics or everything in between. “amo” was really just the icing on the cake, and it couldbe considered one of BMTH’s most ambitious ventures to date. Even lead singer Oli Sykes is delighted about all the talk, posting on Instagram, "I love how much this record is polarising peeps.”

Personally, I was super excited to hear this new album. Many people were concerned about BMTH’s evolution toward the electronic sound, which was something that I had actually enjoyed over the years. Even as a devout fan of their metal and deathcore/hardcore days, I felt that Sykes’ vocals combined with an electronic-heavy fusion actually worked incredibly well on their last few albums.

I was only uneasy about the risk of “amo” feeling too mainstream rock, something I have always felt BMTH has defied with their music. Though some may have equated a more electronic sound with that of pop-driven mainstream rock, I definitely don’t think this albumis anything less than an amazing addition to the BMTH legacy.

In my opinion, “amo”is just as mesmerizing as it is intelligently crafted. This album is dripping with emotion, and everything from the lyrics down to each beat truly reflects that. Inspired by the band’s struggles with the heartbreaks of death, divorce and betrayal, along with their victories of life and love, this album is a roller coaster that leaves your heart in pieces, but not before it comes to put you back together again.

The sound is absolutely indescribable, with each song having its own personality and message. The music could be best described as electro-goth-synth-metal-emo, if I had to make up my own (slightly humorous) genre on the spot. The album most certainly has its dark moments, but at the end of the day, it’s still an album of hope.

While the track “Nihilist Blues (feat. Grimes)” truly packs the punch of heavy, dark beats with a melancholy rave vibe, songs like “in the dark” and “ouch” have much lighter, melodic tones merged with their dark lyrics. “i don’t know what to say” is a moving tribute captures the painful story of the band losing their childhood friend to cancer, and it is perhaps one of the most unique songs on the album.

“heavy metal (feat. Rahzel)” is a song that can’t help but make you smirk, given that the song is a completely tongue-in-cheek mockery of, you guessed it, Bring Me the Horizon not being “heavy metal” anymore. Given that it features the incredibly talented beatboxer, Rahzel, this song has a bit of an edge over the other tracks with computer-made beats.

However, my absolute favorite track has to be “mother tongue.” It’s so catchy and full of heart that I just cannot stop listening to it. As a love song, it is incredibly different from what you would normally expect, while still being heartfelt enough to make you emotional. Every element of the track, from the melody to the lyrics, is well-crafted while still maintaining the unique BMTH trademark aesthetic appeal. If I had to compare it to previous songs, this would definitely be the “Doomed” or “Follow You” of this album.

Without a doubt, this album will leave you singing along and begging for more. No matter what you may have heard about it, I promise you it is well worth the chance, or perhaps for some of you, even a second or third listen. This album is Bring Me the Horizon at their finest, bringing together intelligent lyrics with ethereal music and the power of raw emotion. All this band ever wants is for their fans to connect with their music, and I have fallen head over heels for “amo.”

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