Polish Netflix drama filled with dark humor, worth the watch

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If you don’t like dark comedy, “All My Friends Are Dead” probably shouldn’t be your first choice next time you decide to watch a movie. 

This Polish comedy/crime drama is morbid, hilarious, random and spontaneous. It’s a fantastic film to watch if you are in need of a good laugh. I would rate “All My Friends Are Dead” an 8.5/10 overall. The movie really can raise your spirits if you are feeling stressed out, even though it is quite morbid and crazy. The whole intention of the film is to take its viewers on a wild, crazy ride. 

In the opening scene, everyone is dead. There are detectives and police walking through the house trying to figure out what in the world has happened. I can say this, all of those people definitely weren’t supposed to die. The party was supposed to be full of lust, drinking, getting high, and making memories to never forget. The whole reason why this movie took a huge turn into a bloodbath was because of a key that unlocked the case to a 9mm gun.

Daniel, played by Konrad Zygadlo, and Angelika, played by Katarzyna Chojnacka, play as a couple in this film and they play one heck of a couple. They are welcomed by the host of the party, Marek, played by Kamil Piotrowski. Jordan, played by Adam Turczyk, plays the wannabe rapper, and Anastazja, played by, Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz plays the astrology girlfriend. Then we have the classic two guy best friends who are trying to get lucky, Robert (Szymon Roszak) and Rafal (Michal Sikorski).  

You’ll then see the two girls wearing stilettos and dresses that show off way too much cleavage, surprisingly with a man who is trying to be the best Christian he can be (that doesn’t last for long). Last but certainly not least, Jesus comes into the frame a few times. 

All of these main characters play their role very well. They really know how to act their character, maybe a little too well. 

All of these actors played their roles fantastically. The emotions they gave off really pulls you into the film. They were able to tell the story about what went down at the party.

Things took a twist after Filip (Mateusz Wieclawek) goes into the office with Anastaja after agreeing to go smoke some pot together. I can say this, a lot more happened than just smoking some pot. This scene was highly significant to the movie. It really builds up to the first murder of the movie, and then the snowball effect of the other murders. 

Once again, this movie is a definite watch if you enjoy dark, crime humor. The rollercoaster of a storyline the producers created was definitely one I will not forget. 

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