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The Fitness Center, located next to the ARC, is one of many free amenities that students have access to. 

Aside from the workout equipment, the fitness center also offers two types of classes that students can partake in; punch card classes and free classes. 

“The punch card classes have a small fee associated with them. And the reason that is, is it's because we bring certified instructors from the Valparaiso area to campus to teach,” said Associate Director of Recreational Sports Tristan Leonhard.

Regarding price, there are different punch cards are available for purchase depending on the number of classes you want to attend. But, there are classes that don’t require any punches.

 “The free classes are taught by students who have a passion for fitness. So we try to find students who are interested and who want to teach, who want to be involved,” Leonhard said. “And we bring them on staff, we give them some training, some pointers and then we offer free classes for students.” 

To participate in the free classes, students just need to bring their student ID. 

This semester, the fitness center is bringing on two new yoga instructors. The new instructors are students who, according to Leonhard, have “a passion for teaching and fitness.”

Apart from yoga, there are a number of other classes that are offered at the fitness center. 

“We have some cardio boot camps, some HIT classes, which is a high intensity interval training. We actually have a new pound class, which is pretty popular… It's actually a drum fit type class where you have drumsticks,” Leonard said. 

The pound class is a punch card class that meets on Tuesday nights at 5:15 p.m. 

According to Leonhard, the most popular free class right now is their blacklight cycling class, called Power Pedal. 

“It’s like a spin type class but we do it with all black lights, it's fun and got all up beat music,” Leonard said. 

The only downside to this class is the limited number of bikes. In the fitness center, there are only 13 bikes, which means that only 12 people can take the class on a given day. 

The Power Pedal class also happens to be Leonhard’s favorite class that is offered at the fitness center. 

“It’s just a lot of fun with black lights and we have a disco ball in there. It’s just fun,” Leonhard said. 

The Power Pedal class meets on Monday and Wednesday at 6 p.m. and Tuesday at 4 p.m. 

“This year has been different because we’ve seen a lot of student interest. Like in years past we've had a decent turnout but this year it’s been a really nice, really high turnout,” Leonhard said. 

Leonhard noted that the free, student led classes are a great and welcoming atmosphere. 

“Not that the punch card classes aren’t, but you know, students dealing with students, it’s fun, it’s inclusive, it’s welcoming,” Leonhard said. 

He encourages those students who have not yet taken part in any fitness center classes to do so and see how they like it. 

To see a calendar of free and punch card classes available, you can visit the fitness center’s website. To purchase tickets, you can stop by the fitness center.

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