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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Kappa Delta was able to host their annual philanthropy event, the Shamrock soccer tournament. 

The tournament took place on Oct. 17 with smaller events held throughout the week leading up to it. The proceeds from the events go to help prevent child abuse through two different organizations. 

“Our proceeds that we raise, 80 percent goes to Dunebrook which is our local beneficiary and they’re sort of a chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America…” said Vice President of Community Service Kayla Wetzig. “The other 20 percent goes to Prevent Child Abuse America which is the national organization and a lot of what they do is put facts out there about spreading awareness about preventing child abuse.”

The chapter’s local beneficiary, Dunebrook Child Advocacy Center, is located about 23 miles from campus in Michigan City. 

“I think that it's really cool that 80 percent of [what we raise], a big chunk of our proceeds, go back to the local community...they do a lot of intervention type things,” Wetzig said.  

As part of the Shamrock week, Kappa Delta held a percentage day at Culvers, where a portion of the money spent went to the philanthropy. They also held a Zoom call with Dunebrook, which could be viewed by participants.

“On Tuesday, we did a Zoom [meeting] with our local beneficiary Dunebrook and we had the executive director and the director of development there and they kind of talked about what they do, how our money benefits them, just like overall prevention of child abuse,” Wetzig said. 

The Zoom call had been CORE approved and according to Wetzig this helped to bring more non fraternity or sorority affiliated students to the event. 

“When I was planning it, something that I had in mind was trying to reach more than just the fraternity and sorority community because while we do support each other, [and] it's one of my favorite things about the fraternity and sorority community is how we support each others philanthropies and see everyone come together...one of my goals was to reach other types of students who may not be involved in those organizations,” Wetzig said. 

Kappa Delta had also created a pinwheel garden as a way to boost awareness for child abuse. 

“On Wednesday we did a pinwheel garden which also like sort of boosts the idea of awareness...basically a lot of chapters across the nation for Kappa Delta does a pinwheel garden to represent Prevent Child Abuse America, which is the national organization that our money goes towards,” Wetzig said. 

These smaller events had led up to the main philanthropy event of the Shamrock soccer tournament. 

“On Saturday we had our soccer tournament which we have every year, so I was really happy we were able to have that still and this year,” Wetzig said. 

However, due to the pandemic a few changes were made to the event. 

“Since it was outside it wasn't as big of a deal, but I definitely tried to think about it a lot because I didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable,” Wetzig said. “Also like it was so uncertain throughout the semester so I was just trying to have plans in the back of my mind in case I did have to change things, but we did cap it at 15 teams so that there weren't more than 100 people there at a time.”

Additionally, Kappa Delta added a social media challenge for those who wished to support the philanthropy while remaining socially distant. 

“We added a social media challenge for those who didn't prefer to participate in person and basically what that was a bunch of prompts that were posted that are related to the cause that we raise money for so one of the prompts for example was post baby photos to boost great childhoods,” Wetzig said. 

According to Wetzig, one of the main goals of the week was to help spread awareness throughout the Valpo community. 

“Another one of the goals I had when I was planning this event is to focus really on the awareness aspect...especially now more than ever because people are stuck at home and child abuse occurs in the home,” Wetzig said, “Now is a really important time to not only raise awareness but also raise funds.”

The total amount of funds raised for the philanthropy is still being calculated as the organization continued to raise funds through Billhighway for an additional week.  

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