Trenton Holloway serves as the new Residential Learning Coordinator (RLC) for Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) at Valparaiso University. His position is not new, but it is reformed to fit new and improved duties in the FSL community. 

Holloway follows the duties of an RLC for the sorority houses, and he overlooks and advises many inter fraternity organizations. He works closely with FSL to promote a community wide welcoming environment. 

“[I] advise the interfraternity and panhellenic councils and work with them to accomplish community wide initiatives,” Holloway said. “With this I advise the Order of Omega, GUARDS, junior IFC and junior panhellenic within the FSL community.”  

According to Holloway, he is ecstatic to work with a group that has values and drive to make a difference on campus and beyond. He went on to say FSL is recognized as one of the best in the nation and he enjoys working alongside the students here. 

“From my interview process, I was so struck by how driven and passionate the students within the FSL community are,” Holloway said. “They take ownership of their community and are determined to continue to make it better for everyone.”

Holloway has many working parts to his job, and many different areas to help and oversee. 

“As far as the RLC side of my job goes, I work with the sorority complex on an as-needed basis,” Holloway said. “I have meetings with the student staff of this building and try to unify the student staff to create a more welcoming community…this includes following up and submitting work orders.”  

Holloway is attentive and follows the changes and growth of the FSL community, and fills in where he can provide feedback and input on various situations. 

“With advising IFC and Panhellenic I attend their executive meetings, general body meetings and provide input to both of those departments,” Holloway said. 

FSL has numerous goals to plan how to continue to grow in the Valpo community as a whole, including education on diversity and inclusion. There is currently a FSL community reading group for, “Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria,” used to base more conversations around race, educate one another and how to be a more inclusive community. 

“As far as broad goals, we want to further the mission of the university, which is to be an avenue to prepare students and provide service to church and society. Some more specific goals we are working to right now is to educate ourselves more, especially on issues regarding diversity, equity and inclusion,” Holloway said. 

Another addition is the FSL community shirt, a black lives matter tee, where all of the proceeds will be donated to the NAACP. 

FSL constantly plans to provide an engaging experience to members and admins, like Holloway, strategically plan how to best do that. 

FSL means many things to many individuals on this campus and beyond. As an organization, FSL plans to keep on growing, learning and providing for others in the community, as well as students on campus. 

“Valpo FSL means a community of very dedicated individuals that are committed to doing life together inside of the community, while also working on being the best version of themselves and continuing to be better,” Holloway said. “The values our community has really helped with that, such as leadership, academic excellence, philanthropy, community service and community development.” 

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