Jon Bellion

The University Programing Council announced Jon Bellion as the headliner for their annual spring concert, with Smallpools performing as the opener.

This year, the spring concert is being held in conjunction with Valpo Day of Giving. It will be the ending to Thank-A-Thon, where students can enjoy meeting and greeting donors to the university.

Bellion wrote the chorus to “The Monster” by Eminem, featuring Rihanna, co-wrote and produced “Trumpets” by Jason Derulo and has most recently opened for Twenty One Pilots during their 2017 “Emotional Roadshow” tour.

A lot of students are unaware of how many hands are on deck for an event like this. According to Jake Landgraf, UPC public relations chair, UPC has a limited budget and they would have not been able to get an artist as big as Panic! [At The Disco] or Jon Bellion without the help from the president's office and the donors, which really plays into effect of picking the artist.

“A lot of people don’t realize that productions is a huge cost, so even though we may have a $70,000 budget for an event, over $20,000 of that has to go to a productions company for staging and sound,” Landgraf said. “There’s a lot more cost that goes into it than initially visible.”

Landgraf said when choosing an artist, they take into account who is scheduled to be in the area, and begin their search in the summer. Then, the UPC committee narrows it down to a few options.

As far as this year's concert compared to last, Landgraf expects a similar attendance.

“I think Panic![At The Disco] was definitely a perfect storm as far as the concert goes,” he said. “It was a combination of a lot of factors that we were able to get Panic! for a very discounted price, but the unfortunate side of that is that people expect us to make the concert bigger and bigger every year because we lucked out once.”

Although some people were discouraged with the waiting game, it was something that was used to build up energy because UPC knew everyone was in anticipation. Overall, the president's office released the info because it is in correlation with the Proud To Be Valpo celebration.

“I think there is a ton of excitement for the artist, which is awesome,” Landgraf said. “We had a few people say ‘Oh, I only know one song, but I’m still going to go,’ which is totally OK, and we have had a few people be negative, but our position on that is, ‘Well, it’s a free concert. It’s still going to be fun no matter what.’”

Students are excited for the concert to take place, whether or not they have seen the artist live before.

“My best friend introduced me to him like a year or two ago and she’s been to a few of his concerts. I just like how into it he is, it’s interesting,” freshman Kelsey Helton said.

Landgraf will serve as next year's concert entertainment chair and encourages students to sign up for UPC to share their input and get involved with the committee for future events.

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