Nashville, Tenn. spring service trip

Several Greek life students took on Nashville, Tenn. to volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank, the Nashville Rescue Mission and Warner Park.

Sophomore Jacob Landgraf and junior Kaitlyn Bohling were two members of the Greek life volunteer group.

The group spent two days at the food bank, and they worked together with other volunteers to package food in a freezer that was unsuitable for the grocery stores but still had at least a week before expiration.

“Between the two days we worked there, we sorted over 18,000 pounds of food,” Landgraf said.

The next portion of their trip was spent doing various tasks at the Nashville Rescue Mission, which primarily houses single mothers and their children.

The students enjoyed working together and were able to meet different people from many different places who chose to volunteer as well.

“I met a refugee from South Africa who volunteered there,” Bohling said. “He told me his story and why he goes there.”

Besides meeting other volunteers, the students were able to connect with each other more than they had in the past.

“It can be really easy to get caught up in your own crowd, so it was really cool to get to know other people you might not otherwise,” Landgraf said. “A lot of inside jokes developed through spending eight hours in a car together.”

As well as doing service, students had the opportunity to tour Nashville and see the sights, like the Parthenon in Nashville. They also were able to tour the national headquarters of the Sigma Pi fraternity and the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.

Through the experiences over break and in past mission trips, both Landgraf and Bohling said they would definitely be interested in participating in more service trips. It was an experience unlike any other and well worth taking time out of their own spring break to do.

“I think that it was the highlight of my vacation,” Bohling said. “I learned that working as a team, you can accomplish a lot.”

“It really showed the power of having a unified vision,” Landgraf said.

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