Among the many opportunities Valpo plans to offer this upcoming summer, and studying abroad in Ireland is just one of many. The benefits to going on this specific trip, include earning a college credit for coursework completed on this trip while also getting to venture out and explore the city and scenic countryside on the weekends. 

“I felt very upbeat when I was there. We share a language with Ireland, so you are in a place that’s prosperous, and the people working there seemed upbeat, educated and friendly,” said Professor John Ruff, a teacher from Valpo who taught abroad last year.

The program will run from June 16 to July 18. Students have the opportunity to enroll in two classes which amounts to 6 credit hours total, and get to choose from a variety of ten different classes in creative writing, literature and history. 

“It was glorious, and I taught under excellent conditions,” Ruff said. “It is a University of New Orleans program and they manage it very well. Everyone there is extraordinarily welcoming.” 

Ruff is cheerful to teach again this year, and plans to teach two classes: Irish Emigration in Literature, Film and On Foot and Contemporary Irish Writers: A Selection of the Best.

“I loved the students I got to work with,” Ruff said. “It is a rigorous program, and the class I was teaching was about contemporary Irish writers. Some of them were from Cork.” 

In addition to the coursework, this year there will be two amazing optional excursions: a four day trip to Dublin, a city abundant with culture, as well as a three day trip to Ireland’s beautiful West Coast, with stops in Killarney National Park, the Dingle Peninsula, Galway, and the Cliffs of Moher.

“It was absolutely beautiful. The program was very fast paced but every moment was totally worthwhile,” said Anna Bedalov, a student enrolled in the program last year. “We had a couple weekend excursions to Dublin and to West Ireland, and seeing scenic spots across the coast was a really cool opportunity.” 

Altogether, the entire cost of the program is $5,192, which includes the application fee, tuition for six credit hours, apartment-style housing with private rooms and bathrooms, study abroad health insurance, meals on class days, opening and closing receptions, transportation passes, readings, UNO transcript and more. 

“The city had really ancient architecture because it’s a really old country, so they kept rebuilding over the top of older things. There is a lot of history behind everything, which added to the historical aura of the city” Bedalov said. 

To help with costs, you can apply for scholarships and financial aid program options such as the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program or Federal financial aid. This includes consortium agreements between Valpo and UNO that can be applied to the program. 

For more information on the Ireland trip, check out past participant testimonials or the summer brochures on the University of New Orleans website, You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for program updates and information.  

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