Women of Worth hosted a yoga and relaxation night as their last event of the year on April 26. The event was led by yoga instructor Sam Rus, who showed the group beginner moves as well as soothing music and breathing exercises.

Rus, a freshman at Valpo, has been practicing yoga for about two years.

“I always went to class, and my only option was to do it by myself when I came to college because it’s expensive, and I’m a broke college student,” Rus said.

Rus and freshman Jenna Herreman started ValpYoga, a free yoga class that meets seven times a week at different times to accommodate various schedules.

Although the crowd for yoga was small, Rus believes a smaller and more intimate crowd is easier to work with and allows her to be more personal with the attendees.

Smoothies were made for the guests by adviser Monica Carson, residential learning coordinator of Brandt Hall. International office coordinator Marisa Henderson, another Women of Worth adviser, also attended the event.

“I think just the feeling of aligning your body and taking a break from the world is necessary,” Henderson said.  

Yoga isn’t meant to be hard, according to Rus. She only teaches beginner poses and talks people through the steps of finding strength and peace.

“I like not focusing on anything except silence and peace of mind,” said Pairs Booker, Women of Worth member.

Although Women of Worth will not be having another yoga session this semester, ValpYoga has general classes to attend, which can be found on their website (https://blogs.valpo.edu/valpyoga/) or on their Facebook page (ValpYoGA).

Rus may not be certified yet, but she plans to travel to Costa Rica this summer to earn her certification through Sadhana Yoga School.

“I saw it as a dual opportunity because I am a Spanish major,” said Rus.

The SYS program is a 200-hour yoga teaching retreat. According to their website, participants will discover their passion for creation and bring clarity into their life.

Once Rus receives her certification, she plans to continue teaching ValpYoga on campus with Herreman next semester. If all goes as planned, the yoga studio being built behind the freshman dorms will accommodate their classes. That way, students can have a designated free space to do yoga, rather than various spots on campus like the club has now.

After college, Rus’s dream would be to have her own yoga studio after she teaches for a few years.

If in need of yoga before finals, contact yoga@valpo.edu.

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