date ideas

Coming up with date ideas is hard. Here’s the Torch staff’s top recommendations for great things to do around Valpo. 

  1. Don’t go out for dinner; instead, cook together.

  2. Mini golf, laser tag, or go-carts at Zao Island. 

  3. Visit the hidden gem of Valpo, Round the Clock. 

  4. Bowling, especially cosmic bowling.

  5. For those over 21, try Aftermath, Misbeehavin’ Meads, or Elements in Valpo. 

  6. Looking for a double or even triple date? Try a Mario Kart tournament. 

  7. Go to an arcade, such as Jak’s Warehouse or Dave and Busters. Alternatively, grab some other couples and take on a challenge at Paradox Escape Rooms.

  8. Who doesn’t love tater tots? Actually, who wouldn’t love a date centered around tater tots? Try Franklin House, better known as Frank’s. 

  9. Ceramix 101 in Valpo is a good chance to make your own ceramic piece. Consider trading masterpieces at the end. 

  10. Have all evening? Don’t want to go out in the cold? Settle down and spend the night making a puzzle. Frame it if you finish. You know, for the memories and whatnot.

  11. Not looking to spend money? UPC is hosting a movie night tonight Feb. 14 at 8:00 p.m. in Neils 234, playing 21 Bridges.

  12. Burgerhaus— Not only burgers but turkey burgers and vegetarian and vegan options 

  13. “Just. Do. Nothing,” said Sports Editor Lachlan Streeter.

  14. There’s plenty of snow to build a snowman. Be sure to name him. Then, build a fort to protect him from mischief.

  15. Go check out the Sip in Crown Point or Highland. They often have seasonal specials, including Valentine’s inspired coffees.

With these ideas, we hope you make your date night unique this Valentine’s.

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