Stranger Scheele: You’re Next, an exhilarating and frightening student-run haunted house, is returning for its second year this Halloween season. It’s a free attraction located on campus in Scheele Hall. The haunted house will be up and running October 27 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., but the line will cut off at midnight.

The kickoff of last year’s haunted house was a result of the Alumni Hall Resident Assistant staff winning a program idea contest during RA training. Because this idea won them the contest, this group had the opportunity to use extra funds to put on this large-scale project.

“[We] were given an additional budget by Residential Life to put on a haunted house,” said Emily Smith, one of the RAs of Alumni during the 2016-17 school year and a contributor to this year’s Stranger Scheele.

It was a huge hit based off the Netflix original, “Stranger Things,” and many students participated during its open night last year.

“It was based off ‘Stranger Things’...with over 500 people attending,” Smith said.

Based off of last year’s success, they decided to organize the haunted dormitory again this October in hopes of similar results. This year they’re switching things up and having a theme of a “house party,” inviting Valpo students to be their “first guests.”

Planning for this year’s haunted house began in mid-September. The first things to be done were decisions on the theme, route and aesthetics, such as sound and lighting designs, according to Smith.

After deciding on a theme, the students in charge of organizing Stranger Scheele began to plan out all the details, including gathering volunteers and figuring out which locations in the house will be set up to scare those who go through.

Countless hours also go into finding the perfect sounds to fit each scene of the room, as well as getting the lighting just right to add to the overall atmosphere of the haunt.

This one-night spectacle is woven from countless hours working behind the scenes.

All of this is done to give the students a break from school and to get them into the Halloween spirit. Smith said “getting students hyped” is also important, since they’re the majority of the turn out. You never know which one of your friends could be a part of the haunt.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in Stranger Scheele in different ways as volunteers. According to Smith, students can get involved by talking to the House Councils or Residential Learning Coordinators in dorms on campus. Because of all of the planning that goes into it early on in the school year, it’s best to inquire about it and get involved sooner rather than later.

The students planning Stranger Scheele are excited to see the on-campus involvement and the student participation on Oct. 27.

Student member of the haunt is “thrilled to have this event again this year and are hoping it will be just as spooky as last year.”

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