UPC hosts a cooking class for on-campus students with Parkhurst

It’s late at night and you’re sitting in your dorm room, craving a late-night snack. What can you do? A cooking class hosted by the University Programming Council (UPC) holds the answer. 

On Jan. 22, Special Events Chairman Lily Warren brought back UPC’s cooking classes that proved to be a hit in past years. Partnered with Parkhurst Dining, Valpo’s new dining services, the event turned out to be a hit. 

“As with all our programs, the cooking class is important to us because it is a chance for students to come together and have a good time with the rest of the campus community,” Warren said. 

The University Programming Council (UPC) is responsible for organizing many events on campus. This includes activities during Welcome Week, Homecoming, as well as movie nights and Valpo Vibes; they make the fun happen. 

“UPC events are all-inclusive and we’re proud to create a space for students to make friends and memories,” Warren said. 

UPC events are an all-inclusive experience for students. This cooking class was an easy way to make a quick and easy meal that students enjoy.

I have been coordinating the Cooking Class with Parkhurst Dining. UPC has hosted classes like these in past years, and they have been a hit. We wanted to bring this back as another great opportunity for students to enjoy,” Warren said. 

During the event, a chef from the dining hall demonstrated how to make ramen noodles and rotisserie chicken using a coffee pot, and if that wasn’t the icing on the cake the meal only totaled $13. 

“The eventis intended as a chance for students to learn how to create a great meal for themselves in their dorms with ingredients almost entirely available from the Campus Cafe,” Warren said. “The meal is intended to be easy and low-cost, yet delicious.” 

Parkhurst Dining also had a hand with making this event possible for students. Being a new member of the Valpo family, Parkhurst was eager to be a part of the planning. 

“In our planning phases, Parkhurst was so passionate about making this event possible for students,” Warren said. 

While the event was a great learning experience for students, the message behind all UPC events is evident. Valpo is dedicated to creating an inclusive student-body, and this cooking class was yet another way for students to come together and bond with one another. 

UPC events like the cooking class are a great way for busy students from off and on-campus to find time for events outside of class and work. UPC strives to makes sure their events work for everyone. If you’re looking for new ways to be creative in the kitchen in your dorm, be on the lookout for another cooking class in the future.





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