On Monday, April 13, an email was sent out to Valpo students, staff and faculty addressing the difficult decision the University has made to furlough a group of our staff members. According to the email to students, some staff members will not be working from April 16 to July 31, 2020 but they “fully expect to bring these staff back to do their important work.”


As for the group of staff members who will temporarily lose their jobs, the university has not yet stated which departments will see cuts. 


An email sent to faculty and staff addressed that the university is operating under COVID-19 Response Protocol Phase II. Phase I included conserving university assets while continuing to sustain critical operations and provide support to university employees.


Phase II includes the furlough program and temporary staff reduction, including one from university President Mark Heckler. Heckler will take a 30 percent pay cut, others taking between 2 and 20 percent. 


Staff members who are not furloughed will be faced with salary reductions, unless they make under $48,000.


Employees working in areas of university operations that are not necessary during this time because of fewer students on campus will be notified this week by their supervisor. 


While they will be faced with salary cuts, tuition remission and exchange will remain in place during this furlough period. The university will also continue to pay the employer's portion of health insurance premiums but any furlough employee will still be responsible for the employee’s share of any health insurance premiums. 


Heckler’s email to students asks that they keep Valpo’s staff and faculty in their prayers and understand that some staff members students communicate with on a regular basis may not respond to emails due to furlough. 


The Torch is working diligently to keep this story updated and more information will be added as it is presented.

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