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The fall Valpo Vibes concert has followed suit with the various changes around the Valparaiso University campus. The staple event took place on Sept. 4. Announced via the University Programming Council’s (UPC) Instagram, the event’s move was revealed in early August.

A congestion of major spring events and an overall wellness concern for students hosting those activities were among the primary considerations for the concert’s new fall placement.

“[The spring] is a hectic time of year. When Valpo Vibes is typically held, we have Dance Marathon, we have FSL Olympics, we have Song Fest, we have Breakfast After Dark,” said Ashley Vernon, president of UPC. “While having those events is lovely, for the people that are running them and having one thing right after the other, it becomes exhausting. While we love doing it, there are other things we need to be focusing our energy on.”

Although the recent pandemic had halted Valpo Vibes for two years, the event returned in spring 2022. Weather was also discussed as a reason to move the event, with early fall having the most ideal conditions compared to the spring. The concert has experienced anywhere from rainfall to snowfall in previous years.

Additionally, the 90-day student retention rate was expressed by both members of UPC and external individuals. Ultimately, UPC’s executive had the final say in moving the event after reviewing all factors.

“As a student organization and student life, we find programs that will keep students on campus for that 90-day period,” Vernon said. “Part of our training for UPC, because we are this huge organization and so much is put on us expectation-wise, that’s always been something we’ve been conscious of trying to program during that weekend.”

Within the 90-day period, organizations hosting events are hopeful to keep students on campus and help them to find something that aligns with their own interests. The logic behind the matter is students who are involved feel a sense of purpose on campus.

“Labor Day weekend is the first time they [students] have the time to leave and go home and so having a big event like this will hopefully keep them on campus and continue sort of enforcing that talking and mingling on campus and figuring out what you want to do,” Vernon said.

Ease of budgeting was another positive for Valpo Vibes’ semester switch. As an anchor event, the concert is where a majority of UPC’s budget is spent. The student organization looks to find more balance in their spending after the event.

A fall Valpo Vibes also brings new opportunities for UPC’s other traditional events.

“By having it early in the year, we know how much of a budget we have for the rest of the year and we can potentially make some events we have bigger,” Vernon said. “Increasing the magnitude of our other events during that time frame is something that we’re possibly looking at as well.”

Tai Verdes was the headlining artist for the concert, with openers Weathers and Mindfully Blind. UPC looks to continue diversifying the artists for Valpo Vibes while following university policies.

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