Alumna honored for leadership, mentoring

Valpo alumna Kathryn Bearwald was recently given an award for her work in leadership and mentoring.

Bearwald was recognized by the National Lutheran Communities and Services (NLCS) with an Alumni Service Award from Valparaiso University. This award is given to alumni who go above and beyond to help their alma mater.

“Valparaiso was instrumental in my life for a number of reasons,” Bearwald told “I learned critical thinking and not to take what is being presented at face value. At the same time, I gained an appreciation for living a life in which service to others is an essential component.”

Bearwald’s journey to this achievement began when she became a part of NCLS in 2010. She started a philanthropy program which helped many Lutheran organizations. She also created the Community Impact Grant program, which helps senior-oriented organizations. All in all, the program has been awarded 68 grants, which come to total of $713,317.

Her services don’t stop there either. She worked with Valpo’s Institute for Leadership and Service, where she was a fellowship supervisor. Bearwald was also involved with the Calling and Purpose in Society (CAPS) Fellows Program where she was an alumni mentor.

“NLCS hosted nine undergraduate and one graduate student through the CAPS program, enabling these students to explore career opportunities in senior living,” the website said.

During her time at Valpo, Bearwald majored in history and German and was involved with Christ College. She graduated with highest honors and then continued her education at the University of Minnesota Law School. There, she graduated magna cum laude with her juris doctor. In 2007, she got her master of laws degree with distinction from Georgetown University Law Center. Today she lives with her husband in Alexandria, Virginia.

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