Mandatory COVID-19 testing for Students, campus updates

The Health Center will begin randomly COVID-19 testing students this semester in order to keep cases down. Students will be required to get tested when their Valpo ID is selected. 

Testing will begin the week of Feb. 22 and all selected students will receive instructions beforehand.  

All students who attend in-person classes must participate in the testing program. However those who attend class solely online or off-campus are not required to participate in the screening.

Students have to register with Lucid Labs before they get tested via a link provided in the email. The test results will be available within 72 hours and also be shared with the Health Center.

The university will test about 25% of the students per week after the baseline testing is complete. 

There will be another all-campus screening after the Easter Break.

Additionally, the university COVID-19 dashboard has been updated. 

The weekly test samples collected are now listed along with the positivity rate. There is now a weekly communication update which includes campus messages, policies and protocols related to COVID-19. The dashboard will also include a block relating to the university-wide screening once that begins. 

Due to the recent increase of students being quarantined after off-campus gatherings, the university is limiting on-campus gatherings to no more than 20 people. 

In the event of a student testing positive for COVID-19, the university conducts contact tracing to determine how many other individuals were exposed. These individuals will be quarantined for 14 days. The CDC defines direct contact as being less than six feet away from an exposed person for a total of 15 minutes or greater than 24 hours without either individual wearing masks.  

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